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When force replaces the law, when prejudices turn into standards ofmediation and the subjugation of smaller and weaker countries is declared bythe mighty ones as the sole course towards global democratisation inaccordance with the same model for the whole world, the voices of victimsfade away as much as justice has been infringed on.

 The violence committed against Serbia - affecting all fields of itsinternational life and being ultimate and heedless of its internal rightsand dispositions - forcibly prevented this periodical from being publishedfor quite a few months. Namely, the "tomahawk democracy" bombs and rocketsdestroyed the premises on which it was being prepared for publication.

 The entire population of the multiethnic Serbia fell victim to the worst warcrime ever committed since the Second World War. Serbian people weresubjected in the historically and intellectually most important part oftheir territory, Kosovo, to a cruel and perfidious ethnic cleansing which isstill under way and being covered up and actually encouraged by thelegalisation of the extremist terrorist groups. Just like the war crimescommitted by the NATO death machinery were being covered up, minimised or,when necessary, admitted and then excused, the termination of the "aircampaign" is followed by subsequent editing and fabrication of falseevidence, explanations, disarranged chronology... The making of excuses forthe grave crimes committed also calls for heavy frauds, false witnesses andordinary lies. The real humanitarian disaster resulting from the crazedbombing of civilian targets is being ignored, while the longstandingsecessionist underground activity, followed by acts of terrorism and normalpolice response, is being fabricated into an alleged human slaughterhouseand cause of exodus because of which it was necessary to launch the NATO"liberation campaign".

 The number of Serbs in Kosovo is decreasing from one day to another. Infantsand old people, men and women, farmers and teachers are being stabbed,beaten and shot to death in their homes or at places of their work. In themeantime, the murderers are celebrating their "victories" together withtheir foreign directors and commanders, discarding their old uniforms inexchange for new ones with slightly changed insignia, and enrolling inmilitary police schools for the purposes not affecting Serbia only.

 Dear readers, we wish to carry on giving you true presentations of eventsand situations, together with substantiated and unbiased explanation ofrelevant circumstances, and we shall endeavour to do so.

 We will give a thorough consideration to any remark or suggestion you mightmake.

Cordially yours
Julijana Fatic