Football - The European
Champions' Cup Final '91

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Football - The European
Champions' Cup Final '91

June 06, 1999

FC RED STAR Belgrade, Yugoslavia
European Champions' Cup Winner
(season 1990/91)


First Round
RED STAR - Grasshoppers - Club Zurich (Switzerland) 1-1 (first match), 4-1 (second match)

Second Round
RED STAR - Glasgov Rangers (Scotland) 3-0, 1-1

RED STAR - FC Dynamo Dresden (GDR) 3-0, 2-1

Bayern Munich (FRG) - RED STAR 1-2, 2-2


RED STAR Belgrade - OLYMPIQUE Marseille 0-0 (0-0). After extra time, Red Star won 5-3 on penalties

Bari, May 29, 1991. "San Nicola" Stadium. Attendance: 55,000. Referee: Lanese (Italy). Booked: Binic, Mihajlovic, Marovic (Red Star), Boli (Olympique).

RED STAR Belgrade (Yugoslavia): Stojanovic, Jugovic, Marovic, Sabanadzovic, Belodedic, Najdoski, Prosinecki, Mihajlovic, Pancev, Savicevic (84' Stosic), Binic.

Trainer: Petrovic

OLYMPIQUE Marseille (France): Olmeta, Amoros, Di Meco (111' Stojkovic), Boli, Mozer, Germain, Casoni, Waddle, Papin, Pele, Fournier (75' Vercruysse).

Trainer: Goethals

Penalty shoot-out

Red Star: Prosinecki, Binic, Belodedic, Mihajlovic and Pancev scored
Marseille: Amoros (shot saved by Stojanovic), Casoni, Papin and Mozer scored

Magnificent décor created by Red Star fans at the southern part of the stadium St. Nicola in Bari

Enormous flag stretched out all over the southern part of the stadium by the fans of the Yugoslav team

View of the southern side of the stadium St. Nicola, with the most fanatic Red Star fans

Darko Pancev, the best European scorer in 1991, was strictly watched during the game, but at the end he calmly scored penalty to bring final victory to Red Star

Moments which made the winner of the finals (from left to right): Stojanovic stops Amoros's kick (photo 1)in the first round of penalties, Darko Pancev scores Olympique's net in the fifth round (photos 2, 3 and 4)

Moment of the history The best player of the finals, Red Star goalkeeper Stevan Stojanovic receives winner's cup

Dream of Yugoslav football generations comes true Red Star players with a highly raised winner's cup

European football champions

Darko Pancev goal triggered the undescriptive celebration in Belgrade

Meeting of the European champions at the Red Star stadium in Belgrade
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