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KFor's catastrophic mistake
September 27, 1999

Brussels, Sept 27 (Tanjug) - International KFor peace forces made several catastrophic mistakes in Kosovo and Metohija and failed to protect non-Albanian population living in the province though it was their main task, media in Brussels estimated on Monday stressing that the greatest mistake was that they have so far failed to disarm the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members.

Representatives of the United Nations High Commissariat for Refugees (UNHCR) emphasized that the exodus of Serbs and other nationalities living in Kosovo and Metohija continued, Belgian press said.

"The international community is not trying hard enough to prevent the assaults and pressures on them (non-Albanians)", UNHCR representative Dennis Mac Mara stated in Pristina for the Belgian daily "La Libre Belgique".

He said that more than 200 relief organizations exist in Kosovo and Metohija but that their activities are not sufficient. There is almost no cooperation with the different types of Non Governmental Institutions (NGO), financed by the bilateral contracts and it's hard to develop any coordination, he said.

Therefor, the paper said, great amounts of money are being spread up and the aid doesn't reach those who really need it.

Serbs are exposed to constant assaults, which, it is warned, are from time to time hard to register. In security reasons they are concentrated in specific areas such as Gnjilane, Orahovac and Kosovska Mitrovica where the situation is extremely hard, the Belgian paper estimated and said that they even have no food supplies.

The press also said that representatives of Serbs from Kosovska Mitrovica and Kosovo Polje have urged UN representatives in Pristina to annul the non-legitimate decision on forming of the so-called "Kosovo protection unit".

The letter they have sent warned that the so-called "unit" is to be a nationally pure Albanian organization consisted of terrorists and that Serbs wouldn't participate in its creation.

If the situation doesn't change and "peacekeepers" don't annul so-called "Kosovo protection unit", as stressed, Serbs would have no other choice but to form their own security forces which would protect the population from constant assaults of KLA terrorists.

UN military and civil representatives were urged to respect the articles of the Kumanovo military-technical agreement and UN Security Council's Resolution 1224 as well as to immediately dismiss and disarm the KLA.

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