Diario 16: Disastrous information of the "newspaper crime pages" in Spain caused by Albanian Mafia

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Diario 16: Disastrous information of the "newspaper crime pages" in Spain caused by Albanian Mafia
October 07, 1999

Madrid, October 7, 1999 (Tanjug) - Albanian-Kosovo Mafia has been a real nuisance for Madrid and has created much headache to the Spanish security forces, warns the Spanish daily Diario 16 in the text which talks about disastrous information from the "newspaper crime pages" in Spain caused by Albanian Mafia. They started coming to Spain in 1996 and 1997 from Albania and Kosmet.

They committed so far over 100 big robberies in the industrial companies, supermarkets and shops, particularly in the vehicles technical service shops which are located in the suburbs of Madrid. So far, they robbed over one million pesetas. Most of the money comes from robbed safes, for which they became the experts.

Police in the capital of Spain is presently tracing over 300 Kosmet Albanians who belong to the Albanian Mafia in Madrid.

According to Madrid police, about 150 were registered in the police files, while the remaining 150 are circulating around the suburbs of Madrid, changing the place of residence which aggravates the investigation. They also change gangs or leave Spain when they feel they have been discovered.

However, their professional way of carrying out robberies indicates that those are the members of the Albanian Mafia and organized crime. They are very well organized and when caught and tried, there are so little proofs that their sentences are minimal.

Military structure of Albanian Mafia

The colony of the Albanian Mafia in Spain has almost a military structure. It is divided into cells, each one consisting of four to five persons whose tasks are clearly determined. Besides, there is a strict hierarchy, almost military, and there is always a boss of the group.

Police agents who had been following them noticed that at the restaurants in Antonio Lopez street, "privates" stand up when some of the "higher ranks" come in. The fundamental aim is not to get caught. That is why they organize robberies very carefully, and carry them out usually in dawn before the weekend. They can carry out three to four robberies in a day.

Normally , there are two guards, usually a man and a woman, who are in contact over the cellular phones with those who are operating, in case something goes wrong. They come with a rented car, they have false Italian identity documents stolen in Italy.

Others come with two cars. They know the alarm system very well which enables them to disable it quickly. They enter the building, open the safe with a welding apparatus, take money and vanish. Later on, they leave the cars and thus eliminate proofs.

Stolen money to finance KLA

The stolen money is used for financing a terrorist KLA organization, reveal the Spanish agents. They have quite sufficient proofs that the money is being sent to Pristina via several companies set up in Madrid. It is also being sent to other countries like Switzerland, Germany, Italy where are the top bosses of the Mafia organization.

In those countries, the Albanian Mafia has created the drugs trafficking network. This is still not the case with Spain, but in some parts they started steeling jewelry. The police has recently discovered large purchases of so-called war material like night watching devices and binoculars.

Police has also got proofs of connection between Albanian Mafia in Spain and KLA after capturing some propaganda material when busting some flats of the Mafia members.

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