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"The Boston Globe": Attempt of "cybernetic" war against FRY
October 09, 1999

New York, Oct 8 (Tanjug) - During the brutal bombing of Yugoslavia, the aggressor tried to carry out the so-called "cybernetic war" but, according to the estimations of top American military officials, it failed to achieve its goals.

American military headquarters chief general Henry Shelton, as the "Boston Globe" daily reported on Friday, confirmed indirectly that "some of the systems" of computer war were used during the aggression on Yugoslavia but he refused to comment on the subject.

The "Boston Globe" noted that Shelton has refused to give any estimations on the results of the operation.

In the same time, Shelton has stated at the press conference held in the Norfolk military base, Virginia, that Pentagon is very concerned for the growing danger threatening to the American computer network which connects all the parts of he military, intelligence and command structure.

USA military computer system is exposed to a great danger "both from the local hackers and the enemy countries in the time of war", Shelton said.

Americans are now trying to minify that risk by constructing a new security systems to prevent "cracks" from the outside which have so far occurred for several times. During the aggression on Yugoslavia, it was announced, a "crack" to the Pentagon computer system occurred.

The damage, as said, was repaired quickly. Despite construction of the defense systems for military computer programs and networks, Americans would, as Shelton said, develop an "offensive program" for the cybernetic attacks on the "enemy".

The task was applied to the experts of the Colorado Springs military base called "space command".

According to Shelton, it was estimated that the new systems of the "computer war making" would be developed completely in a year.

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