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Sunday Times: Agim Ceku under investigation for war crimes
October 10, 1999

London, October 10 (Tanjug) - Commander of the newly-formed Kosovo Protection Force and the ethnic Albanian terrorist organization calling itself Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Agim Ceku is under investigation by the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague for war crimes committed against Serbs in Croatia, The Sunday Times of London reported in its latest issue.

Members of the team of the tribunal's newly-appointed chief prosecutor Carla del Ponte told London's leading weekly that an investigation might be launched against Ceku also for war crimes that KLA has committed against Serbs in the Yugoslav republic of Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province.

Eventhough it's known only a little about the role of Agim Ceku in KLA, because he got this duty only few months ago, the representative of Hague tribunal prosecutor, Paul Risly confirmed to the "Sunday Times" that there is a man who is under investigation for two crimes.

Ceku is under investigation for his role in the massacre of Serbs in the villages of Medak, Citluk and Pocitelj near Gospic, Croatia, in 1993.

He was at the time commander of the Croatian army's notorious Ninth Brigade that was mainly made up of mercenaries.

He was also one of the Croatian army officers who were promoted to the rank of brigadier general and trained by US instructors for the ethnic cleansing of Serbs in the Knin Krajina area.

Croatian President, Franjo Tudjman gave five medals to Ceku. The "Sunday Times" found out western diplomats in Pristina are concerned, because Agim Ceku is one of their "closest allies".

The US diplomats are especially worried, because they were most determined to create "Kosovo Protection Corps". They, actually, created that corps, writes the "Sunday Times".

The US diplomats suggested, writes the "Sunday Times" that the investigation on Ceku case would be blocked and forgotten.

Unnamed western diplomat stated that he didn't believe that the international forces (KFOR) would arrest Ceku, because they didn't want to violate their relations with Kosovo Albanians.

Another diplomat, close to the Chief of UN Mission in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, said that the loss of Ceku would mean a catastrophe for international community. All others in "Kosovo Protection Corps" said that diplomat are "local criminals".

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