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RFI on the ignored book by Noam Chomsky "New Military Humanism"
January 13, 2000

Paris, January 10th - The concealing of the major forces' brutal policy in Kosovo, with the use of moral propaganda of the political and media elite in the western countries - is what the latest book titled "New Military Humanism" by Noam Chomsky deals with.

"Chomsky did not find it hard to reveal lies and ridicule the corruptness of the elite of the leading western powers", it was stressed in the review by the French radio RFI reporter, who said that it would have been a miracle if such a book written by the most prominent US and world linguist, as well as the fiercest critic of the western humanitarian hypocrisy, had not been published.

"Although the lies and mistakes of the western countries involved in Kosovo war have already become banal, Chomsky managed to write a book, which readers would find hard to resist", reported RFI.

The French reporter reminded that Noam Chomsky became famous, first as a linguist, but during the Vietnam war he became one of the "fiercest critics of the US policy, the one who opens people's eyes" when it comes to major, according to him, "enlightened countries" and their allegedly human policy towards the undeveloped countries.

Reminding that the wave of self-criticism in the West, particularly in the US, disappeared when Regan was elected and practically vanished without a trace at the end of the cold war, the French reporter stressed that the critique of the western society, especially the US, regardless of the issue, became a real taboo in the West.

Since the number of critics decreased, after they found themselves in a very difficult position in their own societies, their moral prestige, according to RFI, increased, although their attitudes regarding criticism were ignored.

Chomsky himself became a sort of an American dissident, a man who speaks of issues that should not be spoken of, reveals the faults of the US and western society as a whole, discloses the lies and the hypocrisy of the government, with almost the same fierceness with which Solzenicin once did, describing the Stalinist USSR. "Dissidents as radical critics of the society are now more needed in the West, than in eastern Europe", said the French reporter, and added that it is always so when an absolutism appears, whether it be religious, ideological, nationalist or falsely liberal.

It is quite understandable that the great, critically oriented, logician as Noam Chomsky is, finds the Kosovo war, with all its contradictions, lies and manipulations, an ideal subject, reported the RFI. However, although Chomsky is a great name, although his book deals with a war, once spoken of as a "moral turning point in human history", no major media, neither in the US nor in Europe, covered it, and it is still being ignored.

It has not yet been translated into French, and it would be a surprise if anyone did translate it, said the RFI, stressing that this was only "yet another proof that Chomsky's critiques are justified and that there is something wrong with the freedom of speech and thought in the allegedly enlightened states".

Chomsky does not deal with the Kosovo war alone, and the issue at stake is more directed to his own, American and western society, falsely presenting itself as humane, and actually being militant, blood-thirsty and bestial.

The great thinker and linguist, the strongest critic of social circumstances in the Western society, of the ugly side to the Western policy and the American foreign policy, particularly wants to give answers to the questions of how it was possible at all and why that allegedly human society goes to war, why it makes unprecedented crimes, conceals them shamelessly, cooperates with criminals, and above all, so easily corrupts social elite ready to follow their power in any direction.

Chomsky used Kosovo war as the motive to extend the critique of society to practically all-important political themes of the past decades.

The commentator further stresses that the history of minor crisis and hidden wars waged by the US, directly or through its vassals, during the cold war and after it, looks impressive and sobers up every reader of Chomsky's book. He adds that Chomsky succeeded in revealing the most carefully kept secrets and precise information considering the events, which are usually inaccessible or hidden from the major media representing the pillars of a society such as the Western one is today.

By pointing out the fact that those who want to reveal the hypocrisy of the Western humanism critically and boldly can reach such data and information in the archives or at the universities, but they do not want to or do not dare, the commentator of the French radio station says that the first chapter of Noam Chomsky's book is titled "In the name of principle and value" and estimates that the author could not have begun better than with the false motives for the undeclared NATO war which were persistently repeated and worked out by the western media for a long time.

"For the descent into the reality of the bombarded civilians, of the destruction of the Balkans, the causing and the expanding of humanitarian catastrophe among the Albanians whom they allegedly wanted to protect, the use of the banned weaponry, the abandoning of all international norms and regulations, this descent into reality, with vowing to the highest moral and humanitarian principles and values, seams spectacular" - it is stated in the review, with a question "Did this new humanism of the western societies sprung from the alleged moral sensitivity of the western leaders, or is it merely an attempt to conceal brutal achieving of major power's interests?"

Stating, with regret, that the answer to this question is simple, the French reporter stresses that the importance of the Kosovo war lies not only in creating worse problems than the ones already existent, but, perhaps even more, in the fact that during this war and after it all doubts regarding the policy of major forces, vanished. "The masks were removed from the face of the western society and their allegedly humanitarian leaders, and the spectacle, now apparent, is morally devastating, and this explains why is such attention given to the concealing of reality, and why is such a powerful propaganda being used to conceal the truth".

"The new military humanism does not defend the victims, but it establishes the difference between the important victims and the ones which are not", Chomsky's evaluation read, and it was, furthermore, pointed to the attitude of the West regarding the Kurd and Albanian issue, as the best example of the hypocrisy and bias motivated not to serve humanism, but the political, military and economic interests.

In the commentary it was, furthermore, stated that Chomsky, in his book, reveals that the US and NATO generals were aware of the fact that the intervention would cause a humanitarian catastrophe and reminds that Wesley Clark, himself, said that, while planning the intervention, at no point in time was it mentioned that the Albanians should be protected.

The author's, highly interesting, observation is the one regarding the fact that the major media, towards the end of the war, when NATO was supposed to enter the most sensitive phase of the war, the bombing of civilians in Yugoslavia, started preparing the western public for this operation. A series of articles and statements on collective blame of the Serbian people appeared, on the fact that it is not only the regime, but the people themselves, who must be purified from various mortal sins and diseases, which cannot be cured in any way but a radical one, the mass cleansing of the people, as it was said. This is where, according to the RFI, the role of the official, authorized and bribed moralists, becomes evident, advertised by major states as the conscience of humanity, and who are, in return, concealing the government brutality.

"There are many people belonging to this sort in all societies, but on the international scene, the most suspected role belonged to Vaclav Havel and Elli Wisel, the people commonly reappearing whenever a moral justification of a violent and immoral policy of major western powers is needed, whether it be in the Middle East, South America, Africa, Kosovo or Eastern Europe", adds the French commentator to the review of Chomsky's book, and states that the statements and actions of these bribed moralists and false humanists are always accompanied by a huge commercial in the major media.

All in all, Noam Chomsky has, as it is concluded in the review of the French radio station, courageously written a book, probably destined to be spoken of for long, thus more and for a longer period of time, as it is now, on short-term basis, when it is the most provocative, being ignored.

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