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Fall in love with serbia even when only passing through it

You can reach Serbia by road, rail, air and water. On foot or riding a bicycle, by car, bus, plane, train, ship...

Sail on the Danube. Come with the clouds and land on Belgrade airport with bus and train connections to all parts of Serbia. Or continue your flight to Nis and Pristina.

The arteries of international thoroughfares connect Serbia with Northern and Southern Europe. E-75, the trans-European thoroughfare, starts in Scandinavia and leads, via Bulgaria and Greece, and Bosporus, all the way to Asia.

From Central Europe, from Vienna, via Budapest, it takes only several hours of driving to reach Belgrade, our capital. If your intention is just to pass trough Serbia, there are motels along the way, service stations of the Automobile Association of Yugoslavia, gas-stations, shopping centers and restaurants, waiting for you day and night.

Even an ordinary business trip to Serbia offers more than business meetings. Serbia is the country of trade fairs and congressional tourism. All year long, in Belgrade and Novi Sad, international trade fairs follow one another. Numerous commercial and industrial centers, with the hospitality we are famous for, await old and new business partners.

Sava Centar in Belgrade, the giant congress center made of glass, has hosted 150 international gatherings. With its modern, well-equipped halls (seating 7000 persons), Sava Centar offers numerous accompanying activities.

There is a direct link with Belgrade Intercontinental Hotel, while Belgrade Hyatt Regency Hotel is only a short walk away.

Sava Centar is only a 15 minute drive from Surcin International Airport.

Let the sun wish you a good morning from the window of your room in one of the 35 luxurious hotels in Belgrade.

It is hard to pass through Serbia without stopping. We hope you won't be angry with us if, by our kindness and exciting suggestions, we force you to change you mind and stay longer than you had planned.

There are many reasons in favor of prolonging a journey, or of returning to Serbia. You don't have to call in advance. We are waiting for you, like for an old friend.


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