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Illustration - LandSerbia - Landscape painted with the hearth
Get away from it all into the center of the world

If you let your curiosity lead you, sooner or later, your way will lead you to Serbia and Yugoslavia, a busy crossroads of the worlds thoroughfares. In the large treasure chest of Serbia, there are, meticulously packed, valuable artifacts from ancient times, rare underground cave crystals and collections of herbs, mementos from the earliest childhood of the European civilization, natural artifacts, true legends of heroes, exotic treasures that you cannot find anywhere else in the world...

You may be surprised by the clean air, if you are not used to it. There is a distinct possibility for you to fall for the Slav charm and fall in love with Serbia, till death do you part, or laugh your head off, since you have just arrived into a country where people like to joke, with the jokes mostly on themselves.

Lets not forget something else.

In a Serb home, the best room, the largest slice of bread and the kindest word have always been reserved for the guest or weary traveler. Thats the way we were brought up.


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