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The guardians of time

Golubac It all began six thousand years BC. In Lepenski Vir, on the Danube, our distant ancestors decided to stop and think, and settle down. At this world famous archaelogical site, stone sculptures, the first representations of life-size human beings were discovered. Ever since then, everything is made to order, to fit the human beings in these parts.

We can still discern the grandeur of ancient cities and imperial palaces, like Gamzigrad (Romuliana), near Zajecar, or Mediana, near Nis.

Maglic The epochs lie side by side: the age of conquest and the age of liberation, traces of rebellions and revolutions, the times of the haves and the have-nots, and thus, for 13 centuries, step by step, all the way to the modern age.

From the fortifications of the past, memories move to the museums, stories, into your impressions.

The adventure of discovering never stops.


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