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Illustration - LandSerbia - Landscape painted with the hearth
Splendor at your fingertips

The 88,361 sq. km of Serbia contain a scaled-down Europe. Had the Tower of Babel not been built where it had been built, it would surely have been built in the heart of the Balkans, for Serbia is the meeting place of cultures, religions and languages.

Although more than forty different nations live in Serbia, they do have some things in common their homes are wide open to friends.

The temperate continental climate in Serbia is never in two minds about the seasons. When it snows, its a knee-deep snow. When its hot, the sun doesnt take a break. Not to mention the splendours of spring and autumn. Dont take our word for it! Seeing is believing. Come! In Serbia, somethings always at the height of the season.

Everything is intertwined and at your fingertips in Serbia. You need no more than an hours drive, in any part of the country, to experience a succession of massive mountain chains and pleasant hilly regions, rivers and streams which, lacelike, adorn the landscapes, the busy cities and quiet villages.

The montains clash, the roads cross, the waters divide, the influences succeed one another...

If, in some other places, people think ecologically, in Serbia people live ecologically. Wherever you go in the country painted in heart, large quantities of open-heartedness and smile are served, free of charge.


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