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A valuable trophy as a souvenir

From the Pannonia plain in the north, to the mountain massifs in the south, a true lover of nature, of wilderness and action, is offered numerous challanges in the rich hunting grounds of Serbia. Some animal species already exterminated in other parts of Europe still live in the green marshlands and dense forests here. The hunting grounds are easily accessible from the larger cities and the game in them can suit different tastes and different pockets. There are hotels and hunting lodges both in most hunting grounds.

Get your hunting gear. We are waiting for you in Karadjordjevo, Morovic, Kozara, Apatin, Crni Lug, Delibatska Pescara, Ecka, on Sara, Prokletije, Juzni Kucaj, Deli Jovan, Tara, Zvezda...

Follow the trail...

...of deer, fox, wolf, roe, deer, wild boar, rabbit, bear, pheasant, partrige, chamois, eagle, hawk, wild duck. Due to the large variety of the game, there are hunting seasons throughout the year one will surely suit you.

If you are one of those people who like to study nature with a keen eye and a pair of binoculars only, the marshes of Carska and Obedska Bara have a date with you, with more than 200 species of birds and armloads of exotic marsh flowers.

Cast a line with a baited hook into the waters of... the rivers Sava, Tisa, Danube, Morava, Drina, Ibar, Crni Timok, Nisava, Kolubara, Mlava to catch carp, catfish, pike, sturgeon, perch, bass, trout, bream, salmon.

The 35 fishing centers in Serbia, in addition to a good catch, offer fun and good company. If you believe you have what it takes to be a good chef, beside being a lucky angler, you can enter the "Gold Kettle of Danube" competition; or just enjoy the fish stew containing more than 50 types of fish prepared by an experienced fisherman-cum-chef.

One thing is sure: upon return from a hunting or angling expedition in Serbia you wont have to think up a tall angling or hunting story. You will have experienced it.


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