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Memorandum of the government of FR of Yugoslavia on the implementation of Resolution 1244
NATO aggression illegal
President Slobodan Milosevic
President Slobodan Milosevic
`Newsweek`: The US of America deliberately hushed
Clark's collateral mistake
Clark's collateral mistake
Protest of the Yugoslav Government
Concentration Camp
Prioress of Visoki Decani monastery: We feel safer
Serbs on wanted circulars
A year after the NATO crime
The support
International Action Center
International Law
 NATO's bloody humor
New Military Humanism
Story of the day
Ecological catastrophe

The Pornography of War
The Pornography of War
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China protects peace and justice in Balkans

China thinks that problem of Kosovo and Metohija should be solved in just and political way, stated Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan during his conversation with UN Secretary- General's Special envoy for the Balkans Karl Bildt, it is stated in Beijing
International Secretariat of the European Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodox Christian nations completed session in Athens, unanimously passing a resolution, in which strongly condemns flagrant violation of UN Security Council's Resolution 1244 on Kosovo and Metohija MORE

Yugoslav Minister of refugees, displaced persons and humanitarian aid, Bratislava Morina received delegation of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees MORE

Murdered Serb, Petar Topoljski, is a victim of the tolerant attitude of UNMIK and other international representatives towards Albanian extremists and terrorists who falsely accuse Serbs for the alleged crimes MORE

In the session of the Danube Commission in Budapest, a project for cleaning the Danube sailing way was accepted as well as terms of the European Union (EU) - all the enterprises in the FRY will be able to participate equally in tenders for getting this work MORE

By the march of justice in the streets of Kosovska Mitrovica, several thousands of Serbs gathered today at noon in front of the District prison in this town supporting 37 Serbs and 5 Romanies who have been on hunger strike for 38 days MORE

In Italy will be held a series of manifestations and meetings from today until the end of the month, by which Italians are trying to point to the negative consequences of the NATO aggression on FRY MORE

FRY Embassy in Vienna informed the OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Freimut Duve about the incident in Orahovac concerning journalists of Serbian Broadcasting Corporation (SBCo.) and filed the strongest protest because of the restriction of freedom of the press and movement under the wing of UNMIK and KFOR MORE

Italian senators demand that all necessary initiatives for the removal of European Union embargo on FRY be put in action as soon as possible MORE

American presidential candidate Buchanan, in talks with Serbian colony in New Jersey, pointed out all the danger of the American politics not only toward the Balkans and Yugoslavia, but toward the rest of the world as well MORE

The police of the Yugoslav Republic of Serbia have arrested eight Yugoslavs in foreign pay on suspicion of committing an act of terrorism MORE

The agreements we reached during the two-day visit to Moscow will be of great importance for the further development of bilateral relations between Yugoslavia and Russia, just as for the strengthening of the international position of the FR of Yugoslavia, Yugoslav Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic said MORE

Petar Topoljski, a 25-year old Serb working for the regional administration of the U.N. civil mission for Pristina, was killed after receiving threats from ethnic Albanians also working in the U.N. service MORE

Several thousands of Serbs, after the march of justice in the streets of Kosovska Mitrovica, demanded in protest in front of the prison that the innocent Serbs who have been in hunger strike for 35 days be urgently released MORE

Continuing spiritual and cultural genocide against the Orthodox heritage MORE

A repetition of the slaughter in Stari Gradski almost happened to the peasants who were performing spring sowing on their farms in Gojbulja village, Serbian enclave near Kosovska Mitrovica. "Disarmed" ethnic Albanian terrorists opened fire on them from automatic weapons. MORE

In village Binac near Kosovska Vitina, Albanian terrorists blew up the house of Srecko Markovic, KFOR hypocritically ignored the incident MORE

Serbs in Gnjilane region refused to go to a registration conducted by OSCE, because KFOR does not prevent their banishment and crimes over them MORE

With the latest Memorandum of the government of FR of Yugoslavia on the implementation of Resolution 1244 for the fifth time Security Council's attention was called to necessity of strict and consistent respect of Resolution and other decisions of UN on Kosovo and Metohija, where dramatic situation was created from the arrival of international mission MORE

Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Marjanovic marked the beginning of works on the building of 100,000 apartments whose realization starts at the same time in 19 centers in Serbia MORE

The protest of the Yugoslav Committee underscored that UNMIK and KFOR were doing nothing to calm nationalist passions and were in fact encouraging, with their silence, ethnic Albanian terrorists and separatists MORE

Serbia in the World
Serbia in the World

Sacred Heritage of Kosovo and Metohia
Sacred Heritage of Kosovo and Metohia

Bibliography on NATO aggression
Bibliography on NATO aggression

Sites and Places
Sites and Places

The terrorists are destroying churches and monasteries in Kosovo-Metohija
The terrorists are destroying churches and monasteries in Kosovo-Metohija

RTS - transmitted on satelite again MORE

Kosovo and Metohia:
Facts about Kosovo and Metohia MORE

Kosovo and Metohia:
Terrorism in Kosovo and Metohia MORE

"Unzere zeit": Uncomfortable historic relationships MORE

Interview of Wilhelm Langtaler to Serbian Broadcasting Co.: "Resistance to NATO aggression, support to FRY" MORE

"Washington Post": Kissinger on American "moralizing" in Kosmet MORE

"Start": Clark received 150.000 German marks reward from Albanian terrorists MORE

The New York Times: KFOR and UNMIK must leave Kosovo and Metohija MORE

Belgian press: Prostitution under the wing of "humanitarians"MORE

"Vojska": Worthy of their glorious ancestors MORE

German TV: NATO does not want to remove cluster bombs MORE

"The Guardian": Besides KFOR, murders continue in Kosmet MORE

BBC: Concern over trial of Kosovo Serbs MORE

"Jutarnji vesnik"- Foul games of Kouchner, Albright and Dzaferi MORE

"Zenmin zibao": Albanian extremists must urgently be disarmed MORE

"Deutche Welle": Tension in relations among Albanians and Turks in Kosmet MORE

"New York Times": Clark asked for 4000 targets in Serbia MORE

"Monitor": The expansion of the Islamic fundamentalism in the Balkans with the U.S. blessing MORE

"Konkret" on the disastrous role of Germany in Kosmet MORE

"Manifesto": There was no massacre in Racak MORE

"Tanjug": Forced deportation of Albanian refugees MORE

"The Japan Times": "KLA" ethnically cleaned Kosmet MORE

"The Guardian": Military specialists in CNN's newsroom during NATO aggression MORE

"The Expressen" about delusions on which NATO aggression was based upon MORE

Lukin: After Kosmet, it would be Macedonia's turn MORE

Il Manifesto: OSCE lied about Racak MORE

Politics: Americans send Germans and Italians to the "contaminated zones" MORE

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