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Joint manipulations of NATO and the International Tribunal in the Hague
May 27, 1999

Belgrade, 27th May (Tanjug) - In connection with the statement made by the Hague war-crimes tribunal prosecutor Ms. Louise Arbour Thursday, in which she called for the tribunal to indict Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the Yugoslav Government assesses with indignation that what is involved is an aggressor NATO's manipulation involving our country and a further proof that the Hague tribunal is not an institution of law and justice but a sheer instrument for carrying out of orders from Washington and Brussels.

It is another attempt at deceiving the world public in order to cover up the responsibility for the crime of genocide against the people of Yugoslavia. Militarist circles are trying to halt a further erosion of support to aggression and to prevent massive demands of the world public for senseless NATO aggression, massacres of civilians and barbarian destruction immediately to end.

It is also an attempt of the opponents of a peaceful political solution to counter a diplomatic offensive for a peaceful political solution. This act is a continuation and intensification of the well-known policy of the demonizing and accusing of our whole people. It is an attempt at proclaiming victims for culprits and covering up the responsibility of NATO leaders for the genocide against the people of our country.

Louise Arbour is nothing but a puppet in the hands of warlords, a part of the aggressor mechanism which is manipulating the world public opinion with an illusion of law and covering up for the persons responsible for the genocide against the people of Yugoslavia. That job is however becoming harder, as understanding is growing within the world public opinion of the hidden games, the tactics of substituting one idea for another, and moves such as the statement made by Arbour Thursday.

This despicable move, although aimed at boosting the weary NATO propaganda machinery and at covering up the cracks within the alliance, will have one certain result - an even stronger unity between the people and the leadership of our country in the just fight for freedom.

Instead of those who are defending their own people and state, it is persons who are giving and executing orders to perpetrate untold crimes and massacres against the people of Yugoslavia - such as Javier Solana and Wesley Clark and their masters in Washington and London, William Jefferson Clinton and Tony Blair - who should be put to trial.

Cowards and officers without honor, politicians without ethics or a grain of humanness, are daily killing women and children, patients in hospitals and babies in maternity wards, stopping traffic on European highways and endangering environment that will be inherited by future generations.

The President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the top federal and republican state leadership are democratically elected by the citizens of our country, in appreciation of their contribution to protecting vital state and national interests. This senseless show cannot diminish the importance or the prospects of the political and diplomatic initiative of the President of the FRY and our state leadership aimed at urgently ending the aggression, restoring the political process and resolving in a constructive manner all pending issues in Kosovo-Metohija, along with preserving the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, and the freedom and dignity of our people", the statement says.

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