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Charges from The Hague part of NATO's campaign - victims announced guilty
May 29, 1999

Government of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Mutual manipulations of NATO and international tribunal at The Hague

Belgrade, May 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - On the occasion of the statement by Louise Arbour, chief prosecutor of the international tribunal at The Hague on Friday, demanding the indictment of the President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic in the international criminal tribunal at The Hague, Yugoslav government estimates it with indignation as another manipulation of the NATO aggressor towards our country and another proof that the tribunal at The Hague is no institution of justice and law but a simple instrument serving for carrying out orders coming from Washington and Brussels.

It is just another attempt of throwing the dust in the eyes of the world publicity in the aim of covering the responsibility for the crime of genocide against the people of Yugoslavia. Military circles would like to stop the further erosion of the support to the aggression and the massive demands by the world publicity for the immediate halting of the insane aggression of NATO, massacres of the civilians and the barbarian destruction.

Also, it is an attempt of those opposing to the political solution to obstacle a diplomatic offensive aimed to the peaceful political solution. By this act, intensifying of the well-known policy of blackening and charging of entire people of ours is continued. It is an attempt to announce the victims guilty and to cover up the responsibility of the NATO leaders for the genocide over the people of our country.

Louise Arbour is nothing but a marionette in the hands of the masters of war, a part of the aggressor's machinery manipulating with the world publicity by an illusion and covering those responsible for the genocide over the people of Yugoslavia. However, that job is becoming harder and harder due to the publicity's better understanding of the games behind the scene, tactics of the switch of teases and the moves such as today's statement by Mrs. Arbour.

This act of shame, although aiming to recover a discouraged NATO's propaganda machinery and to cover the holes in the Alliance it self would have a certain result - stronger unity of the people and the leadership of our country in the righteous fight for freedom.

Instead of those defending their people and country, those who gave the orders and carried out unprecedented crimes and massacres over the people of Yugoslavia, such as Javier Solana, Wesley Clark and their bosses from Washington and London William Jefferson Clinton and Tony Blair would have to be put on trial.

Cowards and officers without honor, politicians without morality and the hint of humanity kill women and children, patients and babies, stop the traffics at the European roads and endanger the life surroundings supposed to be left for the further generations each day.

President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the highest Yugoslav and Serbian leadership are democratically elected by the citizens of our country, valuing their efforts for the protection of the vital state and national interests. This senseless show cannot wipe out the importance and the perspective of the political and diplomatic initiative by the President of FRY and our state leadership for the ending of the aggression and resumption of the political process and the constructive solving of all the questions relating Kosovo and Metohia region, with the respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, freedom and dignity of our people.

Serbian Government: Shameful attempt of hiding one's own crimes

Louise Arbour, NATO's lawyer in The Hague, tried to accuse our country and the people and addressed these lies to the names of the highest state, military and police officials of Yugoslavia and Serbia who have been constantly and firmly, together with the people, defending the freedom, independence, country, honor and dignity from the aggressor, Serbian government estimates.

It is a planned move by NATO criminals aiming to obstruct the diplomatic efforts and to disable halting of the air campaign as well as the reaching of the solution with the peaceful means. This shameful act is just another attempt to prevent the world publicity see the crimes of war and the crimes against the humanity committed by Clinton, Blair, Shirac, Schroeder, Clark and their Mafia bosses. These propaganda tricks would not save NATO and its leaders from the court of justice.

This act confirms that so-called The Hague Tribunal is nothing but a base of the NATO Alliance, a part of the aggressor's machinery trying to cover the greatest crimes since the WWII. A growing number of the charges and demands by the most eminent experts and institutions for the international law demanding a personal responsibility of the NATO leaders because of the planned killing of the civilians, causing of the humanitarian catastrophe, violating of the UN Charter and the international law is another proof of the marionette role the NATO commission and its chief Louise Arbour are playing.

The law, truth and justice are stronger than these attempts which have been always used by the criminals and aggressors. Serbia and Yugoslavia will carry on with the defense from the aggressor, resumption of the political process and reaching of the political solution to the Kosovo and Metohia problems and no propaganda would prevent them in doing so, the announcement of the Serbian government says.

Russian foreign ministry: Politically motivated decision

Moscow, May 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - Russian foreign ministry states serious concern because of the announcement by the international criminal tribunal at The Hague's chief prosecutor Louis Arbour of starting the procedure of press charging the highest representatives of Yugoslavia and Serbia and the highest representatives of the Yugoslav army and police.

The statement recalls that the Tribunal was founded in 1993 by the decision of the UN Security Council for braking the international and humanitarian laws on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that such activities of the international Tribunal, which have already occurred in the past, seriously endanger the authority of that UN Security Council's organ.

The practice of this politically motivated decision represents only an additional obstacle to the regulating of the situation in Yugoslavia, since it aggravates the efforts carried out for constructing of the political solution.

Russian side would continue to search the urgent political solution to the conflict in Yugoslavia, including the cooperation with the President Milosevic, the announcement by the Russian foreign ministry says.

Beijing: Criminal plays prosecutor

Beijing, May 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - Due to the announcement of the latest farce in the international tribunal at The Hague, Chinese foreign ministry press representative on Friday states concern of the consequences the charge against Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic would cause to the political solution of the Kosovo crises.

China is clearly and literally stresses numerous attempts of NATO-American aggressors to cover up the crimes carried out in Yugoslavia in any way possible, by the different types of excuses, absurd theories and insane propaganda switching of facts.

Chinese highest international experts point out that NATO, by its aggression on Yugoslavia, has carried out the "crime of aggression", firstly defined in the Paris Charter in 1928 as well as in the other documents.

Aggression of NATO and USA, although they have not announced war to Yugoslavia, they stress, represents a "crime against peace" so Yugoslavia has the right to sue NATO in the international criminal tribunal at The Hague.

NATO has committed a "crime of war", as defined by the contract from the hague and 4 Geneva conventions in 1949. NATO-American crimes in Yugoslavia are the "crimes of war and crimes against the humanity", the Chinese experts for the international law stress.

The murder of more than 1200 civilians, thousands of wounded persons, demolishing of the civilian objects, schools, hospitals, churches, trains, refugee convoys etc. are the "crimes against humanity", the Chinese experts point out.

Chinese daily "China daily" warns on Thursday that USA and NATO intend to "wash away" their crimes in Yugoslavia, stressing that they will not succeed in doing so. Those in NATO responsible of the war crimes would "end in a shameful way" as the war criminals prosecuted in Nuremberg and far-East military court of justice did, the Chinese daily says.

An estimation by the formal prosecutor of the Nuremberg process to the nazis, Washington lawyer Walter Locklair saying that the US and its NATO allies have committed a military aggression by bombing Yugoslavia and that they will not be able to get rid of the war crimes was well responded by the publicity in Beijing on Thursday.

Chinese political, expert circles and publicity are united in the opinion that NATO, led by Washington, has caused the largest humanitarian misfortune since WWII.

Chevenement disapproves charging of President Milosevic

Paris, May 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - French minister of internal affairs Jean-Pierre Chevenement is a rare French politician who states disagreement on Friday to the intention of the tribunal at The Hague to press charge Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

Chevenement says in a statement on Friday that he disapproves that initiative because it doesn't serve the peace.

If we intend to do politics we must avoid blackening of the opponent because that is the end of the negotiations, minister Chevenement says in an interview to the informative channel of the French TV LCI.

Chevenement advocates for reaching of the reasonable agreement (to the Kosovo crises), an accord which would lead in the right direction and give opportunity for the Albanians and Serbs on Kosovo to live together, respecting the international law and the UN Charter.

In the opinion of the minister Chevenement, the goal of the "Citizens' movement" undoubtedly advocates for the stopping of the NATO air campaign and political solution to the crises. The aim of the political solution to Kosovo is an "essential autonomy" of the province, with the respect of the territorial integrity of Yugoslavia, he says in the statement to the LCI.

Finnish foreign minister criticizes charging of President Milosevic

Helsinki, May 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - Finnish foreign minister Tarja Halonen states on Friday that the decision by the tribunal at The Hague to press charge FRY President Slobodan Milosevic could disorder the diplomatic efforts for the peace on Kosovo, Reuters says.

Such a decision is made in the wrong moment and could make the diplomatic process harder, she stresses.

Vladislav Jovanovic: New blackening of Yugoslavia

New York, May 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - Tribunal at The Hague is carrying out another parade, already seen in Rambouillet, when the mistreat and the malversation allegedly called by the negotiations was carried out aiming to make the alibi for the attack on Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia's charge d'affaires at the United Nations Vladislav Jovanovic states to CNN on Friday.

It is more than clear that tribunal at The Hague acted with the close coordination with the NATO member-states governments and that the latest chase is politically motivated step aiming to blacken Yugoslavia and its leadership and to create conditions for the further escalation of the war actions of NATO Alliance against Yugoslavia.

Ambassador stresses that Yugoslav citizens and publicity know well what the tribunal at The Hague is and how it works, considering the fact that it acted against Serbs and nobody but the Serbs. By such a policy, Tribunal has de-masked itself completely and clearly shown to be a simple instrument in the hands of US and the leading states of NATO.

NATO only, by its aggression, caused the victims, Jovanovic stresses.

The issue of the Kosovo problem was the escalation of terrorist activity of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), responded on by the anti-terrorist measures by the Yugoslav forces. Tribunal has no authority to press this charges, there is no civil war, classical war or military conflict, Yugoslav diplomat estimates.

Jovanovic points out the fabrications of lies used by NATO, stressing that offering of some satellite pictures which proves nothing are followed with the self-willed comments of aggressor which is forcing the conclusions.

Concerning the peaceful efforts, NATO aggressor is obviously attempting to destroy the peaceful initiatives performing the acts such as the indictment of the tribunal at The Hague, Jovanovic says.

NATO is obviously more interested in escalation of war than in finding the political solution, Jovanovic concludes.

Dragoljub Jankovic: Tribunal runs against principles of law

Belgrade, May 27 (Tanjug - abridged) - On the occasion of the news that the tribunal at The Hague's chief prosecutor Louis Arbour has press charged 5 high officials of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Republic of Serbia, Serbian minister of justice Dragoljub Jankovic states that the behavior of Louise Arbour doesn't surprise nobody who is informed of the nature of the tribunal at The Hague.

Louise Arbour didn't accidentally press charged them exactly in the moment when the bombs are to be shut down, when everybody realized that the insane bombing didn't discourage the people of Yugoslavia, when it was obvious that the problems on Kosovo and Metohia must be solved by the peaceful ways and that the NATO aggression must be stopped. The same people who ordered the air campaign are now pressing charges signed by Louise Arbour, seeking the new forms of pressure on the people of Yugoslavia and the new ways to obstacle the peaceful process, Jankovic says.

Louise Arbour's latest acts would not change the stand of our country towards the tribunal at The Hague, defined long ago. Illegally founded, with the demands running against the highest acts of law of our country, the Constitution of FTY, tribunal at The Hague was and stayed the body opposite to all the principles of law, political gathering serving exclusively to the charging of Serbs, a simple instrument of a policy which is to be ended in our very eyes, Jankovic says.

In a word, Louise Arbour is just another legal shame of the tribunal at The Hague. She reveals all the subordination to the protagonists of the policy which has been destroying Serbia for 10 years and speaks about something described by the Roman philosopher Pasien in a sentence: "There have never been neither better slave nor worse master", Jankovic's statement says.

NATO Controls Tribunal in The Hague

Brussels, 27 may (Tanjug) - NATO Alliance controls directly the International Tribunal in the Hague and all its information are delivered by the western alliance's spies and associates, and how it is independent, shows the data that it is already called Louise Arbour's tribunal.

The NATO officials couldn't deny those facts today, acclaiming the Tribunal chief executive's charges against the Yugoslav highest officials.

The NATO members directly finance the Tribunal in the Hague, says the NATO spokesman, Jamie Shea, confirming that the Tribunal is not independent at all.

The NATO members founded the Tribunal in the Hague, strongly supported it and financed its activities, says Shea, persistently stating: in spite of that the Tribunal worked independently and made the decisions independently.

The Tribunal independence in reelection to the NATO strategy is convincingly verified by the fact that Louise Arbour is Canadian and Canada is one of the biggest supporters of the aggression on Yugoslavia.

Arbour has already showed her "objectivity", bringing charges mainly against Serbs from Bosnia and Krajina, although the Tribunal is in charge of whole former Yugoslavia.

The Tribunal in the Hague is the extension of the war machinery and represents some kind of the political tribunal that has nothing in common with the law and the justice. The newest so-called indictment was "drawn under the table", according to the most statement, in order to slow down the political agreement for ending the present crisis and to justify the NATO crimes.

The Tribunal in the Hague has not given its opinion about the charges against the NATO leaders yet, although more than 10.000 citizens from all over the world brought charges to it and that was the best picture of the Tribunal's objectivity.

As the NATO official says today: "Most of the judges are from the Alliance countries members" so the cooperation between those two institutions of the world's powers is "complete", says the NATO spokesman, Jamie Shea.

The NATO's official representatives denied their responsibility for the crimes, performed in the "air attacks" so far, justifying the killings of the innocent civilians by the "technical error".

You mentioned that the NATO had been giving and providing the proofs for the Mrs. Arbour's Tribunal. Was it the case in the latest example and how would it look if the Tribunal took the proofs from the "Serbian side", asks an reporter.

Shea didn't answer on the second question but the answer on the first one was positive. It is clear that the NATO, giving its data to the Tribunal, at the same time is writing the indictments, which would be later adapted to the rules of the Tribunal in Mrs. Arbour's kitchen.

The Tribunal farce - the new Washington dirty propaganda games

New York, 27 May (Tanjug) - The leaders of the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, its militant criminal core in Washington, hurries up to support the newest shameful move of the Tribunal in the Hague that is going on with the blackening of the Serbs and Yugoslavia.

By supporting the monstrous militant pursuit that was organized from Washington, the local officials revealed their true face and the criminal intentions.

In that sense can be interpreted Madalaine Albright's statement: "Now we should wait and see what the Yugoslav reaction will be" Meaning - what reaction would be to the newest move of the aggressor, trying to cover up his crimes, accusing those who were the victims of his brutal attack.

Albright said those words at the joint press conference with the Canadian Minister of the foreign affairs, Lloyd Eksworthy, clearly revealing that there were no so-called fight for the justice behind the pursuit, organized by the Tribunal in the Hague.

In fact, this is one of many moves, creating the climate of pressure in order to distract the attention from the essential problem and that is the aggression on the sovereign country, and to weaken the Yugoslav leadership initiatives for finding the peaceful solution.

The monstrous sentence about "waiting to see the Yugoslav reaction", said Albright's executive, James Rubin. He added that they now "hope to create the support for terminating the crisis under the NATO's conditions".

His attitude clearly reveals the last of many fabricated lies and accusations against FR Yugoslavia and Serbs, through the Tribunal in the Hague, and its goal is intensifying of the war's dirty propaganda.

The NATO is aware that the propaganda results are rather pale and has no wished effect, so they try to revive the action by making new fabricated scandal.

In his today's announcement Clinton adds the hypocritical promise to the refugees, whom his bombs banished from Kosovo and Metohija, that they "will be back home for sure".

His appeal to everyone for helping the Tribunal in the Hague should be clear sign that the Tribunal fabricates the facts and uses the lies as it has no proofs at all.

Louise Arbour confirms herself that. In an interview to CNN's Christianne Amanpour, she says that the Tribunal in the Hague has "some proofs" and hoping to collect some more.

The arrogant behavior of the American officials is confirmed by James Rubin's answer to the CNN's question about Victor Chernomyrdin's open letter to the American public, printed today in "The Washington Post", when he spoke about the Russian position with disdain.

In his answer to the question - Does Washington consider that the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia will aggravate the relations between Russia and the USA dramatically and for a long time, as Chernomyrdin warns - Rubin answered arrogantly that Russia's position is not a surprise as Russia had the same position before.

Rubin has the same arrogant reaction on the accusations of the former American president, Jimmy Carter, who severely criticized the American administration in "The New York Times" for their wrong and contra-productive politics in Kosovo and Metohija crisis.

Explaining the relation of Clinton's administration with Carter's attitude, Rubin says that Carter's opinion is respected but they do not agree with him.

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