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Colo: The Hague Tribunal serves USA
May 31, 1999

Rome, May 31 (Tanjug - abridged) - Indictment f the Yugoslav political and military top demonstrates that The Hague Tribunal is no objective court of law, as claimed by its judges, but simply a servant of the Washington's policy cooperating with the NATO Alliance, Danielo Colo, the most eminent Italian intellectual in the area of the law philosophy, said in an article published in the "L'Unita" daily on Monday.

As Colo notices, doubts in the objectiveness of that court have already started after its foundation in 1993.

"The Hague Tribunal did not ask the UN for the judicial police but used the NATO forces. It could be noticed that the USA are financing that "tribunal" but refusing to pay an obligated amount of money to the UN", he says and adds:

"Besides that, USA have, in a scandalous manner, opposed openly to the majority of the UN member-states, which initiated a process for founding a real international court for the crimes of war since this type of actually objective court could consider their own crimes, as the aggression of Yugoslavia is".

According to Colo, the doubts in The Hague Tribunal were specifically strengthened with the aggression on Yugoslavia. "Considering that that military intervention represents the hardest violation of the international law, the duty of The Hague Tribunal would be to distance it self from NATO and the countries like the USA and the Great Britain which are most directly involved in that. Not only that it was not done but it seams that the whole case of the indictment of the Yugoslav leadership represented the logic of the mutual political-legal cooperation between The Hague Tribunal and the NATO troops".

Colo noticed the fact that Louise Arbour has indicted the Yugoslav leadership on the bases of data provided by the intelligence services of the governments in Washington and London, the ones currently leading the war against Yugoslavia.

He also pointed to be wrong that The Hague Tribunal has no investigation of its own from the field of the conflict.

"No Tribunal's representative has ever stepped on the territory of Yugoslavia, especially on Kosovo and Metohia, since the onset of the aggression. The Tribunal, ad hoc financed by the USA, relays on the testimonies of the refugees and the members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) only".

Colo stresses the fact that Clinton personally provided 27 million of dollars as an "irregular financing of gathering of testimonies against the Serbian police" to be a relevant action, showing the truth nature of the "tribunal".

Italian philosopher charges the Tribunal for turning the deaf ear to all the valuable international demands, provided with the testimonies as well, starting from the one by the chief of the UN mission Sergio Viera de Melo, after the visit to Kosovo, for considering of the NATO's and KLA's legality of the war behavior.

"There are many reasons for The Tribunal to do so, in the first place because of the bombing of the civilian targets and using of the cluster bombs with the depleted uranium".

The fifth element of the charge by the Italian philosopher of law says: " In addition to all of that, authorities of the Tribunal were stating their solidarity with the political and military activities of the western allies to the Italian and the foreign press, which was opposite to their obligation of being neutral".

Colo concludes in saying that The Hague Tribunal actually represents a NATO's instrument serving to announce a total war against the enemy.

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