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Investigation of Hague Tribunal is a parody
September 04, 1999

Hague Tribunal hides crimes against Serbs
Hague Tribunal hides crimes against Serbs
Politika, August 4
D. Stefanovic

Examination of 15 Serbian bodies in a mass grave in Ugljare is on purpose carried out in totally unprofessional way, so its results couldn't become reliable source for date of death, the way it was done, circumstances under which the Serbs were killed and were they molested after death. Such unprofessional and dishonest examination, which was carried out by the experts from Iceland, Finland and Austria should prevent from any possibility that the world public finds out that the victims from Ugljare are Serbs.

Zoran Balinovac, Deputy Minister of justice of Republic of Serbia said that in interview to "Politika" newspaper. He was in Kosovo and Metohia in the same time when the pathologists from Nis were first allowed, and after that forbidden to examine the bodies. Hague Tribunal and KFOR representatives didn't allow experts to carry out good examination and check all relevant facts. They were late on purpose. Let's remind, the mass grave in Ugljare was discovered on July 24, and on August 11 the bodies were transferred into improvised cooler in Gnjilane. On August 30, these bodies were transferred to the institute in Pristina, in order to stop procedure of decay. As we can see, says Zoran Balinovac, they waited for 36 days to finally protect the bodies from decay and rot. It was done on purpose in order to make difficult the identification of the bodies and to hinder that these are Serbian bodies.

Mr. Zoran Balinac says that the investigation, carried out by the Hague Tribunal, is a parody. Why? Because, right after the bodies were taken out, everybody knew that these bodies were 10 - 14 days old. From the other side, everything was telling that these are Serbs who were hijacked. A correct examination could be done easily with presence of Serbian pathologists, after what the bodies could be given to the families for identification. If they have done it that day, it would be clear that these were Serbs. However, everything was done in order to hinder that the bodies in the grave were Serbs. According to Mr. Zoran Balinac, Serbian pathologists were allowed just to see the bodies in the Pristina Institute on September 2. Minister of Justice of Republic of Serbia requested that the examination be carried out by Serbian and Albanian experts in Pristina. The request wasn't accepted. We were said that there would be no more examinations. As an illustration of the examination, I will tell you that even the Albanian experts were wondering how could it be possible that the foreign experts could do the examination so badly. They are trying to prove that these bodies are not Serbs.

Another sample given by the Deputy Minister of Justice of republic of Serbia causes doubt. The Hague Tribunal does not recognize the identity of four bodies identified by their families. That would be, as Balinac said, that the statement of Zoran Tasic who saw a picture of his father who was in the cooler is not true. Also, according to them, that should mean that their clothes and families who recognized that clothes didn't see well.

That all could mean that the Hague Tribunal is trying to prove that Serbs were not buried in Ugljare, but somebody else. If we remind that Serbs were massacred on July 23 in Staro Gacko, hence, a day before discovery of mass grave in Ugljare, we get a clear picture for behavior of KFOR. It is doubtless that the members of the US KFOR contingent did their best to hinder the simple fact that two crimes against Serbs were discovered in two days, one after another.

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