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Call to Kosovo-Metohija Albanians
October 08, 1999

Knut Vollebaek calls the Albanians for more ethnic tolerance
Knut Vollebaek calls the Albanians for more ethnic tolerance
Pristina, October 7, (Tanjug) - Chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Norwegian Foreign Minister Knut Vollebaek, asked today in Pristina from Kosovo-Metohija Albanians to stop threatening Serbs and to demonstrate more ethnic tolerance, without what, as he said, there can be no "new democratic Kosovo."

Vollebaek, at a press conference, appealed especially to "ethnic Albanian leaders" to "make clear steps" that would mean an end to violence, stressing the exceptional importance of ethnic reconciliation in that southern Serbian province.

The OSCE chairman was apparently forced to launch the appeal to Kosovo-Metohija Albanians, who terrorize almost every day Serbs and other non-Albanian populations in Kosovo-Metohija before the eyes of close to 50,000 KFOR troops.

Terrorist attacks have even increased in frequency after the alleged transformation of terrorist "KLA" into a "Kosovo Protection Force." A real transformation would involve a complete disbanding of the "KLA and its full demilitarization.

Nothing of that has been accomplished. On the contrary, unseen farce happened, and Albanian terrorists have got now legitimate so they behave that way. Unfortunately, UN Mission and KFOR are incomprehensibly tolerant and violate the UN Security Council Resolution, instead of protecting it.

In such circumstances, words of Knut Vollebaek, who plans to arrange some elections in Kosovo for next year, sound preposterous. If a current trend would keep on in Kosovo, it might happen that these elections get to be held in ethnically cleansed Kosovo, with no Serbs, Montenegrins and other non-Albanian citizens.

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