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Investigation on Ceku big test for international community
October 12, 1999

Agim Ceku in cordial meeting with KFor officials
Agim Ceku in cordial meeting with KFor officials
London, Oct 11 (Tanjug) - Investigation of the U.N. War Crimes Tribunal on the commander of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and freshly-formed "Kosovo protection unit" Agim Ceku is one of the greatest tests for the international community, London estimates on Monday.

Principals of the international community's policy in Kosovo and Metohija have been doubted since long ago but, the diplomatic circles stressed, investigation on Ceku is one of the crucial political matters.

Suspicions in the final result of the investigations are, however, quite notable in western diplomatic circles in London. The International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, it was recalled, proved it self as a political and not legal instrument of the western countries thus initiating majority of the suspicions.

Also, an obvious American pressure that the investigation on Ceku's crimes should be "hidden from publicity" and practically "blocked" is to be kept in mind. Ceku is an old friend of the present American administration, London recalls.

An opinion that Ceku is "the only acceptable western partner" among the Albanians, members and advocators of the so-called KLA is, under the American pressure, already being created in the western political circles. The opinion, however, admits that the other members of the KLA are nothing but local criminals. A diplomat close to the U.N. mission in Kosovo and Metohija chief Bernard Kouchner has even said that the indictment and leaving of Ceku from Kosovo and Metohija would be a "catastrophe" for the international community.

Agim Ceku's case is not that simple after all and, as estimated in British diplomat circles, its development is hard to be predicted despite the American pressure.

So far, he has been the only man with two different investigations of the U.N. Tribunal - one for the crimes of war committed against Serbs in Croatia and the other for the crimes against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

If the investigation in Kosovo and Metohija is somehow covered up, the investigation on crimes in Croatia where situation is far more difficult would still remain. It is hard to believe, diplomats estimate, that Croatia would risk further relations with the international community for Ceku's sake. In a word, taking the so far behavior of the authorities in Zagreb as a merit of the judgement, if Croatia is to choose between an Albanian officer and a Croatian from the Croatian army, it wouldn't be hard to guess who would be chosen for fulfilling the duties to The Hague Tribunal.

How would Ceku him self react on the new circumstances and Tribunal's investigations is yet to be seen, British diplomat circles in Pristina said. He has a family and three children as well as a house in Croatia and is still young, 38 years of age, so speculations on his personal decisions are already been made.

Besides, the circles said, there could be more "surprises" for Kosovo Albanians from the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.


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