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De Telegraaf: Albanians also victims of Albanian nationalists
October 13, 1999

Rotterdam, October 12th (Tanjug) - De Telegraaf brings up the case of Veton Suroi, Koha Ditore daily's editor in chief threatened by Albanian nationalists with liquidation, as an illustration of the ongoing situation in Kosovo-Metohija where "anyone who wants to prevent the terror against the non-Albanian population or keeps any kind of contact with it, accepts the risk of becoming a victim himself."

Last week in Kosmet, three members of a new local police beat up an Albanian who had bought a tractor from a Serb, reports De Telegraaf. Furthermore, the daily quotes an article from Koha Ditore in which Suroi accuses Albanian ''hawks' in Kosovo of being fascists and his compatriots of committing unprecedented crimes against Serb children, women and elderly, adding that every Albanian who tries to supply the trapped Serb neighbors with water and food is being threatened with death.

Because of his apologizing for what the Albanians have done and the claim that it is not a question of revenge but fascism, Kosovo Press agency calls this journalist and participant of peace negotiations in Paris "a traitor, scoundrel and gangster that could soon be liquidated."

The daily reports that behind this conflict lies the KLA leaders' tendency to form ethnically cleansed Kosovo and that there are only 20.000 out of 200.000 Serbs left in the province.

Threats to Suroi represent opposing to democracy and to the respect of human rights of all people, regardless of the nationality, and it is already obvious that a dirty pre-elections campaign in Kosovo-Metohija next year is imminent, reports De Telegraaf.

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