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Renmin Ribao: shameful, subordinate and indecent role of the western media
October 13, 1999

Factories of lies, hatred and slander
Factories of lies, hatred and slander
Beijing, October 13th (Tanjug) - Western media reports on NATO aggression on Yugoslavia have not only been unobjective and untrue, but they served to the deceiving of local public, reports Chinese daily Renmin Ribao.

In a text titled "Western media deceiving public opinion" the daily proves already accepted judgements about a shameful, subordinate and indecent role of the leading western media in the western military alliance brutal attack on a sovereign country.

Chinese daily presents the moral and professional fall of the British radio station BBC taking the Irish journalist Kathy Sheridan as an example. After K-for entering Kosmet, she arrived to Vucitrn where there were still YA forces.

She saw a dead body in the street and informed her BBC colleague about that after returning to Pristina. Several minutes later, the reporter of this radio station reported that their special reporter found 'bodies at every step' in Vucitrn.

Having heard this, Miss Sheridan asked BBC to tell the truth - that she saw only one body. However, they never corrected the mistake, according to the Chinese daily.

Excited because of such a BBC move, the reporter cried: "Starting from today, there will be only reports about Serb violence", says the daily reminding that the stories about "loads of corpses started to fill western media reports soon after that."

Press reports should be objective and authentic. They shouldn't first give conclusions and than search for and even fabricate 'facts' that should prove such a conclusion, writes the author.

BBC understands very well these moral standards, and, even better, that they should serve the policy of its government or draw audience's attention. In order to achieve such goals they are exaggerating and making up 'facts', says the author of the text.

A whole chapter of this text is about the behavior of the western reporters in the NATO headquarters in Brussels. The daily calls them 'parrots that repeated' what they were served from the western military propaganda cuisine.

"Most of us reporters felt like playing a role of NATO microphone", the daily quotes Robert Fisk's article from the Monde Diplomatique monthly.

In a text titled "Lies in Kosmet war", Fisk mocked at his colleagues at the NATO headquarters saying that they were silent as mice and had no courage to pose a tricky question to the spokesman, or at least ask 'why'.

All western media stuck firmly to the NATO headquarters, NATO countries' Ministers of Defence and NATO spokesmen's stories, reports the daily. They were like parrots, repeating that "killing civilians was just a mistake", started using slogans like "collateral damage" and finally accepted NATO propaganda estimates that "all targets were military".

Truly, certain reporters had the courage to pose 'tricky questions', but such questions were always avoided in the CNN live broadcast, says the Chinese reporter.

Reminding that western press is boasting with its capability to 'reach the very essence', Chinese daily points out that the case in Kosmet war was quite different.

During the conversations in Rambouillet not a single western media revealed the contents of what Yugoslavia was supposed to accept under NATO pressure, says the daily.

Just after the war brutal NATO threats to Yugoslavia and the fact that there was no agreement in Rambouillet were discovered. After the agreement on the suspension of bombing in June, western media started to 'approve' but none of them reported that peace and normalization of the Kosmet situation should be established 'in compliance with the UN Resolution', remarks the daily.

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