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West completes total war against Yugoslavia by aggression
October 20, 1999

Yugoslav Army third army commander Gen. Nebojsa Pavkovic
Yugoslav Army third army commander Gen. Nebojsa Pavkovic
Negotin, October 20th (Tanjug) - Yugoslav Army third army commander Gen. Nebojsa Pavkovic said in Negotin that the aggression on our country had been prepared for a long time by Western strategists, and it was the final stage of the total war waged since the end of the 80s.

Pavkovic, at a panel held late Tuesday evening, said that the United States, after failing to achieve its goals legally, resorted to terrorism as a very efficient means of political and armed violence.

"The terrorist character of the aggression is detected in the preparation of the ethnic Albanian secession, their armed rebellion, the forming of their paramilitary formations, in the delivery and trafficking of arms, the holding of allegedly political negotiations, in Rambouillet and in Paris, in fomenting an armed ethnic Albanian rebellion, in lending logistic support to that rebellion and finally air support," he said.

Pavkovic assessed that the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution on Kosovo and Metohija and the cessation of the bombing of Yugoslavia did not bring the definite defusing of the crisis, but that its placing under the authority of the world organization and the arrival of peacekeeping forces in Kosovo-Metohija have only created pre-conditions for the process to be continued by political means, without the use of force by any side.

"The political method for solving of the Kosmet problem should include a strict and energetic carrying out of the UN Resolution 1244 and unbiased behaviour of all peacekeeping troops in the filed. Unfortunately, only few has been achieved by the peacekeeping forces", warned Pavkovic.

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