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Avoiding the truth by resorting to more lies
November 12, 1999

KFOR failed to solve the massacre of Serbs in Gradsko
KFOR failed to solve the massacre of Serbs in Gradsko
Politika, November 12th - Chief prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, Carla del Ponte officially solved a forensic dilemma on the Albanian victims in Kosmet - the figure in question is not 100.000 Albanians killed, as it was so far falsely claimed by Mr. Clinton and other US Administration officials, but is much smaller.

There is also no evidence of Albanian sufferings during the YA security forces actions, except in the direct clashes between YA and police units and the Albanian terrorists. In the end, the number of 2108 exhumed victims does not in any way indicate that they were all Albanian.

After an extensive inquiry involving the team of experts from 14 countries, the Hague Tribunal found 2108 bodies, while Carla del Ponte claims that the number includes Albanians, Serbs and other non-Albanians. Apart from that, chief prosecutor of the Tribunal admits that even after this extensive inquiry it was not yet established how these people were killed.

The UN Seat in New York circulates a number of 300 Albanians killed. This means that the remaining victims - 1808 - are non-Albanians.

However, it is strange that Carla del Ponte did not express much interest in the victims of the NATO bombing in Kosmet. Contrary to the 2108 mostly unidentified victims, hundreds of people killed in NATO bombing were all identified.

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