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Killing of Serbian culture in Kosovo and Metohija
December 05, 1999

Barbarism of spiritual inferiority
Barbarism of spiritual inferiority
Nis, Pristina, Dec 5 (Tanjug) - There will be not a single publisher from Kosovo and Metohija among more than 80 Serbian publishers that will present their annual publications at the incoming International fair of books and graphics in Nis (to be held from December 7 to 13, 1999).

The Serbian Book in the southern Serbia's province went through the same destiny of persecution and destruction as well as the Serbian people so the publishers from Kosovo and Metohija will not be able to present it in this year's fair.

Under the wave of Albanian terrorists and extremists, after the arrival of the international forces (KFor), publishers, librarians and booksellers have been driven out of Kosovo and Metohija whereas books and their offices were usurped, destroyed or burnt.

Thus ceased production of publishers as the "Grigorije Bozovic'" (formal "Jedinstvo"), "Novi Svet", Pristina University, National and University library, National library "Miladin Popovic" in Pristina, cultural clubs in Gracanica, Prizren, Istok, printing companies in Prizren, Kosovska Mitrovica, Gnjilane and other cultural institutions that were engaged in publishing and printing of books during the last years.

There is not much known on the faith of Serbian books in Kosovo and Metohija. For example, it is not known what happened with a half a million of books from the National and University libraries that Albanians usurped.

Representatives of the UNHCR entered the building where the "Novi Svet" publishing house was located back in June and the destiny of several thousands of books and magazines, property of the publisher, is uncertain. The "Novi Svet" has been issuing 60-70 titles a year during the last years.

Terrorists burning books
and demolishing monuments

In the opinion of experts, the modern publishing in Kosovo and Metohija, cherished in the last decade was based on the best tradition of Serbian culture and spirituality. Unfortunately, it was cut off in the peak of its activities. Albanians are cruelly destroying not only the modern achievements but also the most elite Serbian medieval civilization and spirituality, aiming to erase any trace of Serbian culture and presence in Kosovo and Metohija.

Having complexes of spiritual inferiority and poverty, they have been trying to destroy the Serbian fortune from the moment they had laid their eyes on it. The unprecedented crime over culture is being carried out by ethnic Albanians in an attempt to prove that there were no Serbs and Serbian culture in Kosovo and Metohija and that it was made up during the last ten years (?), as Ibrahim Rugova recently stated in Bill Clinton's presence.

What Albanians cannot understand is that the great spirit of Kosovo Serbs, regardless its numeral inferiority, cannot be completely destroyed in spite of Albanian genocide plans and misdeeds.


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