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Ecologic and health consequences of NATO attacks
December 09, 1999

Long-term consequences for the health of population
Long-term consequences for the health of population
Belgrade, December 8 - It is necessary that expert teams get to be found in Yugoslavia in order to prevent and discover on time diseases which can be expected to appear as consequences of environment pollution. This was stressed at the mini-symposium "Ecologic and health consequences of air strikes on Yugoslavia", which was held on the anniversary day of the Medical Faculty.

The level of the pollution during NATO aggression was not precisely measured. According to the information, the aggravation of health condition of the people can be expected, as the consequence of the aggression.

"During the last few months, we were facing increased number of sudden death cases of adolescents. It is not excluded that these cases can be connected to the environment disorders, warned Dr. Miodrag Djordjevic from "Bezanijska Kosa" hospital.

Psycho-stress, he added, is a trigger for appearance of oncology and cardio-vascular diseases. For instance, 150.000 people in Serbia have cancer, and we can confirm that their number will be increased twice in the next 20 years.

Slobodan Tosovic, chief of the toxicology department at the Institute for health protection in Belgrade estimated that the real consequences of the ecologic damage would be totally seen in a longer period of time. That's why a new net for permanent control of quality of water, air and land has to be established.


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