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National identity and state sovereignty in Southeast Europe
December 09, 1999

Serbian Academy of science and art
Serbian Academy of science and art
Sample of Kosovo and Metohia should be warning for the entire world!

It is, it seems, a key warning from the international scientific meeting "National identity and state sovereignty in Southeast Europe" which started yesterday in organization of History Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (SANU). His holiness, Patriarch Pavle attended the opening session. There were also representatives of the federal and republic government, high officers of the Yugoslav Army and others.

About thirty eminent scientists from Austria, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Romania, Russia, Spain and Ukraine participate at a session. Some of them were with us during the bombardment, besides numerous obstacles.

"The theme of nation and state, he stressed in the opening speech, is one of the biggest issues in history. It is especially important because the big countries are trying to create national stated according to their own political, economic and military-strategic principles. This is a concept which sees the Southeast Europe as a system of small, mutually alienated states - satellites. From there we have satellite mentality! - warned Terzic.

Actually, says Terzic, it was always about imposing of classical model of the ruler ship over the other nations, with cynics and brutality which exceed previous epochs.

Almost every fifty years they try to build big civilization borders and walls, predicting truth - which the Southeast Europe belongs to both, West and East.

Southeast Europe, but all Europe as well, is on a big history crossroads. It is the question whether the /southeast Europe would develop as a community of states with known identity or as a world with "new identity". That way it faced the danger to be under long-term protectorate of NATO! The worse is the danger of destruction of elementary self-respect, destruction of national, spiritual and intellectual energy.

Europe is in danger of losing all contacts with its own spiritual roots from which it squeezes the juice for its new cultural strength.

It is about dangerous and powerful war for soul of the nation, war for "new identity" which would radically be opposed to the traditional one. In Kosovo and Metohia, for instance, during the last couple of months, at least million books in Serbian language were burnt and about 80 churches and monasteries were demolished.

Is this the "new identity" the world looks for? American masianism is blind for identity and sovereignty!

"This meeting is being held at the time when all around the world many social changes happen, and these will change spiritual face of our epoch, said Dejan Medakovic, president of SANU, trying to inform the participants with his own view on the world.

NATO's aggression - basis of
European civilization endangered

This new order dived severely on those countries which its ruler ship is still not enthroned. These changes, related to gaining the global ruler ship in the modern world, were felt in most difficult way, in our region. And their first victim was Yugoslavia which was created after the World War I.

It became clearly obvious that the third Yugoslavia would be altered, stressed Medakovic. In that state collapse, he said, we receive the most terrible news from Croatia and Kosovo and Metohia. That speaks about well planned ethnic cleansing, more precisely about unhidden genocide. These premeditated crimes have such a power that have endangered the basis of the European civilization.

This is even more worse, since a good part of Europe still hasn't realize the dangers it could face, and the fire in any part of a common house can not be considered as separate trouble.

Only Jewish sufferings under fascism can be compared with the sufferings intended for Serbian people, said academician Medakovic.

It is necessary to organize unions of eastern countries which will find their place in Europe, without moving away from it. Also, without letting the West to impose its solutions like "Stability accord for Eastern Europe", said the representative of the Russian institute for Slavistics and the Balkans, Prof. Konstantin Nikiforov in his report "Is the identity of Eastern Europe necessary". The people of the Eastern Europe are not worse, nor better from the other European nations, they are only different, said Nikiforov adding that the people of Eastern Europe mustn't be in underestimated position, because they have much better geographic position and natural resources than their western neighbors.

Milorad Ekmecic, speaking in his report titled "National identity, synthetic nations and future of democracy" specially pointed out to the attempts of the world national enterprises which have the technology, money and ideology, what enables them rule the world and disintegrate countries and nations.

Such attempts are reflected in the policy of creating synthetic countries, artificial creations which shrink the ethnic space of the European countries and disintegrate nation-country, stressed Ekmecic adding that this is proved by a document adopted by the European Union that the local culture becomes a criteria of sovereignty.

Pointing out to the example of both Bosnian and Croatian nations, which used their religious difference as criteria for establishing national identity and state sovereignty, of course with help and support from the West, academician Ekmecic stressed that the former republics of SFRY are obvious examples of synthetic nations.

Expert on international law, Panayotis Haritos, from Greece, spoke about NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia, stressing that NATO violated all international laws.

More than 100 rules were violated when NATO started to bomb Yugoslavia, and first one of these is the respect of sovereignty of a state, said Haritos in his report "Sovereignty of Balkan states and legal status of Kosovo and Metohia on basis of the international law". Haritos added that NATO could be condemned for crimes against peace, humanity, war crimes, genocide on Serbian people, causing of pollution, destroying environment and cultural monuments.

Elena Guskova asked in her report "History role of Serbia in maintenance of national identity of the Balkan nations" why the West destroyed one country and one nation, in a way the world never saw it before?

The only reason, replied Guskova immediately, is that the Serbs hamper. Their origin, characteristics present a threat to the new world leaders, she said. The role of Serbia is historic, because it bravely showed the way someone should keep its national identity and in the same time warned those who play on force, stressed Guskova.


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