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Arrest of General of Army of Republika Srpska - Galic
December 21, 1999

New victim of quasi legal institution - general Galic
New victim of quasi legal institution - general Galic
Banja Luka, Dec 20 (Beta) - SFOR command for southeastern section confirmed that the members of international forces arrested yesterday morning General Stanislav Galic. Beta unofficially found out that it happened at around 7.45 a.m. near Zeleni bridge in Banja Luka. The eyewitnesses said that Galic was arrested in front of "Orhideja" restaurant in Skender Kulenovic Street.

According to the military source of Beta, which wanted to remain unnamed, three vehicles of SFOR intercepted a car in which was General Galic. The soldiers of international forces broke the windows on the car, and pulled the General out, hurting him. After that they took him away in unknown direction.

The RS Army headquarters protested yesterday because of arrest of General Stanislav Galic. The RS Army information service sent a protest letter to the SFOR command in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to the office of high representative of the international community, to the cabinet of Vice president of Republika Srpska, to the National Assembly of RS, to the member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina from RS and to the government of RS. "We warn you that we can't take the responsibility for justified consequences of revulsion on unjust actions which are carried out against Serbian people and members of its army", says the protest letter.

The Ministry of Defence of RS also condemned the arrest of General Galic. That ministry once again accused the usage of secret indictments of the Tribunal as method of work.

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