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The economic background of the NATO aggression and the occupation of Kosovo-Metohija
December 23, 1999

Bare destruction of NATO aviation
Bare destruction of NATO aviation
Belgrade, December 1999 - The NATO aggression against FR Yugoslavia and the occupation of Kosmet, regardless of the ideological veil behind which they were hidden, were, above all, caused by the economic interests of the world powers.

Even if the documents of the US CIA code-named "Roots" were not known, in which the war on the current territory of Yugoslavia had been planned even 25 years ago, the actual reason for the brutal bombing of a sovereign state and the occupation of a part of its territory could clearly be seen only from the on-going situation in Kosmet since the arrival of the international peace-keeping forces.

The preventing of the humanitarian catastrophe and the implementation of a multi-ethnic society, the principles with which the NATO powers justified their illegal and illegitimate moves, were soon revealed as just a farce and hypocrisy used to conceal their expansive, brutal and criminal policy.

The destructive measures taken against the economy of FRY were made public by the introducing of sanctions to Yugoslavia (May 30th 1992) due to alleged involvement in the civil war between Muslims, Serbs and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The exposed destruction culminated during the NATO aggression this year, when 372 industrial facilities were destroyed or damaged and when some 500,000 people were left jobless. In the so-called protection of the Albanians the aggressor, above all, had in mind the fact that Kosmet held a great amount of mineral wealth, as well as the biggest lignite deposits in Europe.

Further more, during the undeclared war, repeatedly proven to be highly profitable, the western countries tested their latest accomplishments in the area of military technique and weaponry and used-up their old weaponry supplies actively. Along with this, one of the intentions and reasons for the aggression was to also use the Balkan mountainous terrain for the disposal of nuclear and chemical waste, which they could, by no means, do in any of the developed countries due to high level of expenses and risk.

The economic plan regarding the destruction of Yugoslav economy is a part of a wider plan concerning a rapid penetration towards the East, above all towards the borders of Russia, and the control of oil reserves in the Caspian basin, which are greater than the ones in the Arabian peninsula. In the undeclared war waged against FR Yugoslavia, the Western countries, trying to widen their sphere of influence in the Balkans, planned the overall invasion of the most important corridor Budapest-Belgrade-Thessaloniki.

The exposed 6 month's stay of the peacekeeping forces in Kosmet has shown the following: the peace was not established in Kosmet, the violence of the ethnic-Albanian terrorists was not stopped, the genocide against Serbs and other non-Albanian population was carried out. The international forces did not perform the tasks they were obligated to do by the UN Resolution. But they succeeded in starting a huge economic war in Kosmet, the looting of Serbian and Yugoslav property, and a fight exclusively for the interests of their own national enterprises. The following text are dealing with this issue:

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