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UNHCR calls for 71 million dollars for programs in Yugoslavia
January 04, 2000

Help for refugees and exiles
Help for refugees and exiles
BELGRADE, Jan 2 (Tanjug) - The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called for 71 million dollars for the programs it plans to carry out in Yugoslavia this year, what is the biggest amount that the this agency asked for since its deployment in FRY.

The Belgrade-based UNHCR office said that the request for the largest sum to be called for since UNHCR had become active in Yugoslavia had already been approved in Geneva. The funds will be used to offer humanitarian assistance to more than 500,000 refugees from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia and 200,000 displaced persons from the Yugoslav republic of Serbia's Kosovo and Metohija province.

UNHCR has listed as its priorities the identification and repair of facilities for the accommodation of displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija, the implementation of its winter programs and final preparations for the registration of displaced persons in Serbia.

The main intention of UNHCR is to come in from of donators with precise number of displaced people in FRY, and to ask for immediate help for the endangered category.

UNHCR insists that all refugees return to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia by the end of the year. A recent meeting between Yugoslav, Croatian and UNHCR officials in Geneva has given hope to thousands of Serb refugees that their repatriation will be carried out on a large scale.

UNHCR will also set aside in this year a part of donations for integration of refugees and exiles in FRY.

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