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Federal Minister of Information: The newest NATO goal - Serbs against Serbs
January 09, 2000

Goran Matic
Goran Matic
Belgrade, January 8th (Tanjug) - Federal Minister of Information Goran Matic stated that "Filmske Novosti", a magazine that is in possession of a very rich archive regarding the events in the second part of the 20th century, was one of the foundations for correct interpretation of historical and political actions and future institutions, for it will disable the creators of new history to conceal the truth about the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia.

Speaking of the current political events in Yugoslavia and the world, Matic stressed that Yugoslavia was faced with several retrograde processes based on historical revisionism, which tends to present the 20th century quite differently.

This revisionism is reflected in Mr. Clinton's statement that Serbs are to blame for the two world wars, or in tendencies to present Hitler as a cute old man whose pictures will be on all candy-bars, said Matic and added that Yugoslavia is obliged to preserve the truth about the 20th century.

Reminding that goals and consequences of NATO aggression are being confused and that the future of Yugoslavia is being created due to false projections of the past, Matic said that the creators of such scenario claimed that NATO did not attack Yugoslavia and kill civilians.

He stated that the last historical revisionism, related to NATO aggression and consequences of KFOR actions in Kosovo-Metohija, should be interpreted as a political revisionism, too, for, according to minister Matic, the purpose of altering history is to perform a political revision of forces and relations in Yugoslav society.

The US Defence Minister William Cohen said that the aggression took place because of the US geo-strategic interests in the Balkans, stressed minister Matic saying that it alone was true, while all other stories were propaganda, historical and political revisionism that should remodel the Yugoslav political scene and, in compliance with these revisions and hoaxes, stage the environment planned before the aggression.

For a complete denial of truth, political forces in our society are needed, ready to, serving other's interests, accept the imposed concept of the NATO aggression that blames Yugoslavia for the attack, and cooperate with further improvement of NATO scenario aimed at destroying of FR Yugoslavia and creation of a government that would support NATO strategic interests for a long time, believes Matic.

Forces that should realize these interests should follow an exclusive imperative - they have to grant amnesty to NATO criminals that killed 2,000 civilians in Yugoslavia and provide conditions for their operations, and that is why certain people "kiss hands", offer their services to NATO and remodel their parties' actions in compliance with these demands, emphasized Matic.

"Kissing a hand that killed 2,000 people" represents an offer to realize a political conflict in Yugoslavia that could turn into a civil war, for the basic NATO promoters' scenario is, instead of former attempts to shape Yugoslavia with a military aggression according to their interests, "Serbs against Serbs", said the minister.

On the celebration that took place in the premises of "Filmske Novosti" magazine, a video tape was played, showing recently arrested leader of the spy-terrorist group "Spider", Jugoslav Petrusic, who said that he took Vuk Draskovic to the French Intelligence Service several times, and that Mr. Draskovic asked for money while "Danica was much more talkative".

Stating that Draskovic is "directly talking with the heads of foreign Intelligence services, with whom he wants to reach agreements regarding certain activities in Yugoslavia", Matic stressed that this way Draskovic showed his real and true interests "while a multiple killer, whose employers are the French, was taking him to conversations in that country".

Federal Minister of Information pointed to the significance of "Filmske Novosti" in filing data on who was who in Yugoslavia and who fought to defend it from those who attacked its independence and freedom, and who secretly offered various services to the aggressors.

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