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Anti-war exhibition in NATO capital
February 03, 2000

Windows 99
Windows 99
Brussels, February 2nd 2000. (Glas javnosti) - The exhibition "Windows 99/announcing of life" of the "Hammer creative" advertising agency which was formed during the last spring in Novi Sad under NATO bombs, will be the quest of the Gallery of European Institute for help and solidarity in Brussels (consulted institution at the European parliament), which had sent more than 1000 opening invitations to the representatives of the Old Continent countries.

Isn't it more than metaphor, isn't it a real diversion to exhibit anti-war works in the city, in which war games all over the world are being created by joysticks, said Milos Jovanovic, spiritus movens of the "Hammer" before the departure for NATO capital.

Up to now, the exhibition was shown in Belgrade, Sombor, Cacak, Banjaluka and in Slovakian town of Nitra, and it was a part of the Yugoslavian exhibition stand at the advertising review in Budapest. At the international summit "Golden drum" in Portoroz, even eight works reached the finals and got the prize in "social-humanitarian" category, while the accredited journalist of worldly respectable magazine "Advertising Age" pronounced them the European project of the year.

At the word retrospective of (anti) war art, "Hammer's" product "It's not a game" was chosen to be the official poster of the whole manifestation, among several thousands displays of different genres. It is a sufficient reason for the trip to the West American coast, San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs…

In early April, in London, "Windows" will be a part of a grandiose exhibition-film project "Byzantium today", while the "Hammer's" displays will be shown under great world exhibition "Art for peace" in September. At the eve of the new millenium, the exhibition will end its century in the galleries of Australia and New Zealand.

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