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New book of Milovan Vitezovic "Think Serbian"
February 09, 2000

Essay on details from our history
Essay on details from our history
Belgrade, February 9 (Tanjug) - Publishing house "Dereta" presented today a new book of Milovan Vitezovic, "Think Serbian", from edition of Modern Serbian literature.

Deputy president of the government of the Republic of Serbia, Prof. Ratko Markovic and translator Sava Babic spoke about the book of this famous writer.

The book consists of different texts on details of our history, which the author approaches as a writer and not as a historian, said Markovic.

This book enables the reader to think Serbian, and that means to learn how to free of complex that the Balkans is at the back of Europe, that we are a small nation, and which helps us not to forget the most important people in our history whom we can be proud of, he added.

Serbia was devastated twice in "jihad", in the Middle Ages by Turks and the other time in 20th century by the USA, which wants to mix all the world together in a boiling pot, trying to transform all the world into one nation. They will never succeed to do that with Serbs, since the Serbs simply can't melt in that pot, Serbs can't forget their history, stressed Markovic.

Written in perfect style, the book in speaks in first 12 essays about the Middle Ages in Serbia, about Saint Sava and Nemanjic's dynasty. He showed his best in the middle part of the book. He is a great writer who feels the time of both 19th and 20th centuries. He enters the time of Dositej, Vuk, Karadjordje and Milos from realistic side.

The third part of the book consists of 6 essays. One of them is "Crnjanski and Rankovic" one of the best essays, which speaks of crucial period of our history - the seventies, said Babic.

Vitezovic said that he wrote this book as a mosaic of texts on Serbian history, feeling that he owes that to the Serbian people, history and language.


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