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Rubin covers up crimes of ethnic-Albanian terrorists
February 15, 2000

Terrorism directed by the USA
Terrorism directed by the USA
New York, February 15 (Tanjug)- Official Washington has condemned the violence and killings in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica in Kosovo and Metohija and urged all involved sides to end the violence.

State Department spokesman James Rubin, who made the statement last night, said he wanted to be precise and stressed that the confrontation was allegedly coming from both sides. It was one of many Rubin statements which shows that the U.S. takes a protective attitude towards the ethnic-Albanian terrorists and separatists in Serbia's southern province. Rubin did not at all mention ethnic-Albanian terrorists and separatists as the perpetrators of the latest wave of violence and the shooting at members of the international mission. Press representatively negatively reacted to the fact.

Moreover, with a series of totally untenable assessments presented at the latest briefing in the State Department, Rubin tried in all ways possible to justify the ethnic-Albanian terrorists, once again falsely claiming that what was involved was nothing other than retaliation, for which he said there were justified reasons.

At a time when ethnic-Albanian terrorists are again on a rampage in Kosovo and Metohija, Washington sits with folded arms. It has urged that terrorist leader Hashim Thaqi be contacted, which a KFOR commander has done and used the occasion to ask Thaqi "to use his influence" to calm the situation.

Rubin, who is known for his "very close ties" with Thaqi, used the briefing to repeat the well known lies that the situation in Kosovo and Metohija is calming down.

The situation is getting better, especially regarding murders, robberies and crimes, said Rubin. Although Mitrovica is still a hot place, the situation in other parts of the region is almost totally all right, he added.

Asked whether Kosovska Mitrovica was starting to resemble Somalia and could the international mission be withdrawn, Rubin hurriedly explained that the mission in Kosovo and Metohija was not the same as the one in Somalia.

He said that Kosovo and Metohija was different, and then started commending the KFOR troops, which he insisted had allegedly done an excellent job so far. Rubin then indirectly but very clearly accused the U.S. press of not sharing the opinion about the success of the KFOR mission.

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