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Birthday of Matica Srpska
February 15, 2000

Celebration of important date
Celebration of important date
Novi Sad, February 15 - Matica Srpska, spiritual unity of all the Serbs and the oldest cultural and national institution of Serbs, will celebrate 174th birthday.

Precise chroniclers noted that Matica Srpska was formed on Thursday, February 16, 1826 in Budapest, and that among those who established it were six eminent Serbian traders and one lawyer. They were traders Josif Malivuk, born in Trpinja in Srem, Gavrilo Bozitovac from Budim, Andrija Rozimirovic from Sremski Karlovci, Georgije Stankovic from Vrsac, Petar Rajic from Kovacica and lawyer Jovan Hadzic from Sombor. Hadzic used to write at that time under pseudonym Milos Svetic.

Matica was established as private association, and the aim was to provide the means for further printing of "Serbski letopis" magazine. This magazine will later on become "Letopis Matice Srpske" which celebrated last year 175th anniversary. This is the oldest magazine, not only in the Balkans, but also in Europe.

Since the very beginning, Matica Srpska was extremely national institution, which placed, according to Kovacek, the bulwark of Serbian nation against Germanization and Hungarization as well as against Catholicism.

Also, Matica Srpska had Pan-Slavic character which is maintained till these days, and many other associations established by the Serbs in former Austria emulated Matica Srpska.

Since the Second World War, Matica Srpska got very scientific character.

Regarding the fact that the USA and NATO are trying to restructure the world, the Serbian national and spiritual Lebensraum was crashed, and Matica Srpska, entering the 175th year since the establishment is taking more and more its basic role - spiritual union of all the Serbs


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