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Exhibition of Serbian frescoes opened in Salonika
February 17, 2000

Kosovo frescoes - part of the world cultural heritage
Kosovo frescoes - part of the world cultural heritage
ATHENS, Feb. 16 (Tanjug)- An exhibit "Sacred land - frescoes from the monasteries in Kosovo-Metohija" prepared by Republic institute for International, Scientific, Educational, Cultural and Technical Cooperation of Serbia in cooperation with the National Museum in Belgrade ant the Greek Foundation for International Cultural Ties is opened tonight in Salonika.

"Copies of the frescoes from the monasteries of Decani, Bogorodica Ljeviska and the Pec Patriarchate from the collection of the National Museum in Belgrade Fresco Gallery, which are displayed here are only a symbolic part of the great cultural and historical Serbian treasury, which represents a part of the world cultural heritage due to its importance and value", said dr Boris Iljenko, director of the Institute, while opening the exhibition in the Port of Salonika Gallery.

While thanking to those who made possible for the valuable exhibition of 45 frescoes from the Serbian monasteries in Kosovo and the maps of the Serbian cultural heritage to find their place in Greece, Iljenko reminded the present that "Kosovo is the central area of development of the Serbian statehood, spirituality and historical conscience of the Serbs, which can not be separated from its contemporary times, being its historical experience, great heritage and symbol".

Unfortunately, orthodox churches and monasteries, books and homes are being set on fire these days in Kosovo and people are suffering in the presence of the UN international forces, so the issue of protection of this cultural heritage is becoming urgent cultural, moral and political issue of preservation of the vital civilizing heritage and human values of modern world", Iljenko pointed out.


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