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Western countries demand that Kosovo Albanians stop the violence
February 17, 2000

Requested to stop the violence
Requested to stop the violence
Paris, February 17th - Five western countries, France, Italy, Germany, the United States and Great Britain, demanded that the leaders of Kosovo Albanians stop the violence in the southern Serbian province, it was officially stated in Paris.

In his last night published report Ke d'Orseille stated that during the talks, political leaders of the five western countries' Ministries of Foreign Affairs demanded that Ibrahim Rugova, Hashim Taci and Redzep Chosia "take over their responsibilities and stop the violence" in Kosovo.

According to the report of Ke d'Orseille, high diplomats of the five western countries pointed out to Rugova, Taci and Chosia that considering the fact that the International Community highly invest Kosovo-Metohija, it "has the right to demand that Kosovo leaders take over their responsibilities, which means to destruct parallel structures, put an end to the system of illegal taxation and stop the violence".

At the same meeting, they warned the leaders of Kosovo Albanians that the support of the West to "autonomous Kosovo will depend on Kosovo leaders' success in struggle with violence".

For the first time the West severely and concretely warned the leaders of Kosovo Albanians, since it previously usually appealed to "both sides" to refrain from violence.

High western diplomats met yesterday in Pristina with Head of UNMIK Bernard Kouchner and KFOR commander General Klaus Reinhardt as well. According to the announcement of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they "expressed their support to UNMIK and KFOR" on the occasion.

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