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Filing of displaced persons
February 18, 2000

Seeking refuge from the Albanian violence
Seeking refuge from the Albanian violence
Belgrade, February 18th - The Republic of Serbia Commission for Refugees has announced that, starting with March 1st, it will start the filing of displaced persons from Kosovo-Metohija, in order to determine the exact number of expelled persons in the ethnic cleansing from the southern Serbian province, the number of which has, according to this Department, reached a figure of 250 - 300 thousand.

The aim of this action, which will last for 6 weeks, is to determine the true image of the humanitarian catastrophe and the actual number of killed, kidnapped and wounded, said the Deputy Commissioner for Refugees, Milovan Nenadovic. According to him, the filing will be carried out by 150 stationed and mobile teams, training of which started today in Belgrade, and which will be continued next week in Kraljevo, Krusevac and other Serbian towns.

Pointing out that the right to be filed applies to all persons from Kosovo-Metohija, which have been expelled from their homes after the arrival of UNMIK and KFOR, regardless of age, Nenadovic said that the filing will be carried out both with the use of individual and family form sheets. Aside from the basic data (name, surname, date and place of birth, date of leaving Kosovo-Metohija), other issues will also be covered, questions regarding property, state of health, education, employment and relatives killed, missing or remaining in Kosmet.

All registered will be given a displaced person identification document, persons older than 16 will also have a photograph on it, said Nenadovic, warning that the displaced persons lacking this document will not be able to receive humanitarian aid.

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