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Belgrade forum - for a world of equality
February 19, 2000

Belgrade forum - for a world of equality
Belgrade forum - for a world of equality
Belgrade, February 19th - After a whole day's work, the international meeting on "International Relations in the New Century - for the World of Equality" ended in Belgrade Sava Center late Friday. The participants of the meeting, the representatives of 93 parties from 56 countries from all continents, who were the guests of the Fourth Congress of the Socialist Party of Serbia, concluded in a debate that the exchange of opinions, such as the one achieved in the Sava Center today, is needed in order to make efforts towards creating better and more righteous international relations.

In comprehensive and meaningful exchange of opinions, the participants at the meeting confirmed their joint commitment and conviction that a peaceful and stable future of the world at the outset of the 21st century may be built solely on the respect of the principles of peaceful coexistence, equality, non-interference in the internal affairs, sovereignty, territorial integrity and solidarity. They condemned the threat or use of force through the violation of international law, interference in the internal affairs and policy of interventionism, hegemonism and the tendencies of neocolonialism as a dangerous threat to international peace, security and conditions for development. They emphasized the importance of a resolute commitment of all progressive and peace-loving forces to the respect of the UN Charter, of the principles of the Movement of Non-Alignment and particularly the principles of the sovereign equality of states.

The participants in the meeting strongly condemned the NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia and underlined the full support to the people and the leadership of the FRY and the Socialist Party of Serbia in the resistance they had put up and their commitment to the multi-polar world, in which no country could impose its will to the ones smaller in size and power.

The similarity in opinions and the awareness of the need to deepen knowledge and relations has led most of the participants to support organizing of similar assemblies, titled the "Belgrade forum", which would be held in different countries, each or every two years.

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