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A month of genocide against Serbs
February 21, 2000

Albanian crime concealed by KFOR - attack on the UNHCR bus
Albanian crime concealed by KFOR - attack on the UNHCR bus
Belgrade, February 20th - The month of February, even according to the western, pro-Albanian, analysts, after June, July and August last year, was a month in which the largest number of crimes took place since the arrival of KFOR to Kosmet. Even though there are still ten days to go until the end of the month, this is not a hasty conclusion, because there had been up to ten murders per day in the southern Serbian province.

At the beginning of this past weekend, three Serbs were killed, and ethnic-Albanians are, now, organizing demonstrations throughout Kosmet with banners saying "Mitrovica is a part of Kosovo" and "To Jerinje, all is Albanian".

Whether this continuing violence is an introduction to a bloody Kosovo spring, the days to come will show. However, the events taking place in the past two weeks are refuting UNMIK's head, Bernard Kouchner's, claims that the situation is becoming calmer and that everything is under control.

The situation in the southern Serbian province is resulting in 100,000 Serbs, which remained in enclaves, wondering if this spring would be their own "to be or not to be in Kosovo".

At the end of June last year, the ethnic-Albanians "cleansed" Metohija of Serbs. In the matter of hours, Serbs were expelled from Pec, Istok, Klina, Decani, Djakovica. Prizren was also cleansed. In none of the Kosovo towns, with the exception of one sixth of the northern part of Mitrovica, there are no Serbs left.

A minor number of around 400 Serbs remained in Pristina, which are living in total isolation, daily fear of ethnic-Albanian attacks and dependence of KFOR soldiers in bringing them food.

The cycle of expelling Serbs from Gnjilane is coming to its end, Vitina and Kosovska Kamenica are being ethnically cleansed, there are 500 Serbs remaining in Lipljan, a few dozens in Obilic, Kosovo Polje is going through its worst moments…

The pressure imposed on Serbs is happening on daily basis, ethnic-Albanian hand grenade attacks on their houses are "daily occurrence". The Serbian villages in the Kosovsko Pomoravlje area, in Sirinicka zupa parish, the area around Pristina and in the municipalities of Vucitrn and Kosovskomitrovicka, as well as Orahovac and Velika Hoca, are transformed into ghettos one leaves only with KFOR escort.

The span of Serb movement inside villages is limited - some 500 meters in Orahovac, to several kilometers in Priluzje. Each attempt of leaving the village, i.e. ghetto, is highly risky, even if done with KFOR escort.

In the recent mortar attack launched by ethnic-Albanians on the bus carrying Serbs from the northern part of Mitrovica to the villages of Banja and Suvo Grlo in the Srbicka District with the KFOR escort, six people were killed.

The ethnic-Albanians are completing the process of ethnic cleansing. At the same time, Kouchner is preparing grounds for the founding of a new state, by introducing regulations and "legal acts" which are benefiting only ethnic-Albanians.

All this stands in violation to the UN 1244 Resolution, in accordance to which Kosovo-Metohija is a sovereign part of Serbia. According to this document, Serbia did not lose its sovereignty and integrity in this territory.

But, according to what is going on in this region, it is not hard to conclude that Serbia no longer resides in Kosovo-Metohija. In spite of this, Serbia, according to all international norms, has a deed to this territory.

The "disassembling" of the Serbian state

Immediately after their arrival to the southern Serbian province, KFOR troops did everything to, as soon as possible, "disassemble" the Serbian state in Kosmet and clear the way for the creation of the ethnic-Albanian state of Kosovo, which would serve as the start of the "Great Albania". They started out with peacefully viewing the ethnic cleansing of Serbs and their expulsion from major systems: EPS (Serbian Electric Power Industry), PTT (Postal and Telephone Services), JZP (Yugoslav Railway Company), KBC (Health Center), media… Ethnic-Albanians are now bragging that they have destroyed the Serbian state in Kosovo. But now, they are faced with a problem, because, on these "ruins", they can not found another one - their own.

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