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Day of Solidarity with Iraqi People
February 23, 2000

Under US hegemony
Under US hegemony
Belgrade, February 22 (Tanjug) - A Day of Solidarity with the Iraqi People event was organized today at the legacy of Ilija Kolarac in Belgrade.

Opening the event, head of the Yugoslav-Arab Society Rade Bozovic quoted the words of Iraqi poet: They (the United States dream of burning the history in Baghdad, of wading the sun, people and trees".

Zoran Vujovic said that the attack on Iraq by the United States and 30 other countries on January 17, 1991, had caused the deaths of innocent people and inestimable damage.

He said that the situation in the world was characterized by two trends at this point, explaining that the United States urged a unipolar doctrine and a unipolar world, while a multi-polar trend, which was increasingly winning support worldwide, was based on the principle of equality in international relations.

He said that the Iraqi people's only 'guilt' was that their country was rich in oil and had an important geostrategic position. In these so called attacks of low intensity, the USA and Great Britain used the means forbidden by international law - missiles with depleted uranium, rocket bombs and other chemical and biological weapons which cause permanent ecological catastrophe, and endanger the whole region.

Vujovic warned that more than 200 children under the age of five died in Iraq every day because of economic sanctions against the country and food and medicine shortages. "Iraq and Yugoslavia are the victims of hegemony, unipolar world and the U.S. administration's policy of aggression," he said.

Drasko Markovic said that both, Iraqi and Yugoslav people are connected with unbreakable solidarity which came out of the struggle for both, freedom and national pride. During the last ten years, in the time of increased pressures, blackmails and crimes on both, Iraqi and Serbian nations, the feeling of closeness between these two nations is getting stronger, he added.

Tatjana Lenard said that, regardless of the fact that Western countries had launched aggression on Iraq and Yugoslavia for different reasons, the aggressors' goal in both cases was the same - to bring these prosperous and among developing countries highly influential countries to their knees and to destabilize Asia and Europe in order to gain access to cheap raw materials and to realize strategic interests.

She warned that - while the aggressors' aircraft drop the bombs on Iraq and while the hordes of the Albanian terrorists act wild in Kosovo, even in front of KFOR and UNMIK, many countries are beginning to realize what is the price of the US hegemony and citizen behaviour of the UN.

Dusan Babec, president of the Yugoslav - Iraqi Association, spoke about the consequences of the sanctions against Iraq, especially about the increased mortality among children.

Iraqi Ambassador to Yugoslavia Sami Sadoun wished the Yugoslav people and their heroic country further success in the struggle for justice and the truth, thanking them for the solidarity they had demonstrated. He said that the world of hegemony was unstoppably nearing its end.

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