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NATO nonsense
February 23, 2000

Lieutenant General Vladimir Lazarevic
Lieutenant General Vladimir Lazarevic
Belgrade, February 23 - Statement of NATO Secretary General, Robertson, that the additional Yugoslav troops were transported to Presevo, and that it was the reason for increase of tension in that part of Serbia was another nonsense from an arsenal of lies of the Alliance, said General lieutenant Vladimir Lazarevic, newly appointed commander of the Third Yugoslav Army in his statement to the "Novosti" newspaper.

Robertson is not saying that NATO named that part of Serbia along with Pcinj municipality as Eastern Kosovo and determined it as a further metastasis for utterly chaotic situation in Kosovo and Metohija, warned Lazarevic adding: "It's not hard to conclude that the wish of the planner of this military alliance is to turn the attention away from the event in Kosovska Mitrovica, where the US and German soldiers brutally violated the UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

As for the claim that the additional Yugoslav troops are transferred to the region of Presevo, it is not correct. There are no additional troops there. There are only our regular border units which secure the state border with Macedonia successfully, preventing the country from the attempts of illegal infiltration.

Territory of Presevo is a sovereign part of Serbia and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and that's why we want to inform Mr. Robertson that the Yugoslav Army will do everything to secure peace in that region and to provide safety for all its citizens, said Lazarevic.

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