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Call for lifting embargo against FR Yugoslavia
February 29, 2000

Embargo on FRY has to be suspended
Embargo on FRY has to be suspended
Prague, February 28th - Participants in the international conference "One year after: the causes, links and consequences of the Kosovo crisis," that ends today in Prague, have called on the international community to lift the sanctions against Yugoslavia.

Representatives of ten European states at a three-day meeting, organized by the non-governmental organization European Network for Peace and Co-operation warned that the embargo, in general, in all countries where it was applied, besides its inhumanity has proved to be completely inefficient and politically shortsighted and that it affected most of the population.

In today's closing discussions, it was concluded that NATO member countries that have bombed for almost 80 days FR Yugoslavia, should pay for the damages and rebuild everything they had destroyed in the country.

Participants in the conferences stressed that without the inclusion of FR Yugoslavia in all regional plans for the reconstruction of the Balkans, of which that country is an inseparable and almost the most important part, there will be no progress.

In the final document of the conference, which will be sent to the Yugoslav Government and all other important international organizations, institutions and governments of many countries, was included the protest sent to UNESCO because of the destruction of Serbian Orthodox Churches and monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as of facilities during the bombing of all of Yugoslavia.

All the reports of the conference participants, among which were also representatives of peace movements, and experts in different fields - legal experts, historians, ecologists, biochemists, experts in atomic energy - from Ireland, Great Britain, Yugoslavia, Poland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, will be presented on the Internet.

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