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Two thousand soldiers in maneuvers in Kosovo
February 29, 2000

New demonstration of power
New demonstration of power
Brussels, February 28th - Some two thousand soldiers from six countries will participate in military maneuvers of the North Atlantic Treaty, which represents a new demonstration of power in the Balkans.

The maneuvers will be carried out from March 19th till April 10th, stated today in Brussels the Supreme command of the Western military Alliance.

By organizing the latest military maneuvers on the territory which is presently under the UN provisional administration, within clearly established mandate, NATO commanders will once again abuse the presence of the international peacekeeping forces.

The maneuvers, whose commander will be American General Wesley Clark, will include only the soldiers from a "particular circle" of countries, among which, for example, there would be no members of the Russian corps, which is present in Kosovo within the command structure of KFOR.

According to the official statements, the objective of the maneuvers named "Dynamic response 2000" is to show "NATO determination to guarantee safe environment for Kosovo and its residents" and to "help KFOR if necessary".

By these latest military maneuvers, NATO is trying to divert attention from the key problems in Kosovo, above all from the activities of ethnic Albanian terrorists, who have expelled more than 350,000 Serbs and members of other non-Albanian population from Kosovo since the arrival of the Western military Alliance members.

The American General made a decision to recruit two thousands soldiers from "strategic reserve forces" from Argentina, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and the US. It is said that these are "well trained and mobile units with great fire power" which will be "build up by air and naval forces".

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