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Yugoslav Third Army denies NATO secretary-general
February 29, 2000

Activities on their own territory
Activities on their own territory
NIS, February 28th - The command of the Yugoslav Third Army today strongly denied and rejected the latest statement and accusations of NATO Secretary-General George Robertson, who said that Yugoslavia was allegedly building up troops toward Kosovo and Metohija province.

The statement, issued by the Informative office of the Yugoslav Third Army command, says:

"The commands and units of the Yugoslav Third Army are carrying out Regular tasks of combat training, maintaining combat readiness, and securing state borders, within which they are executing numerous and different activities. They deny in full and strongly reject all criticisms, accusations and statements on alleged preparations and provocative actions aimed against the international forces in Kosovo and Metohija.

With his statements and accusations, the NATO secretary-general is trying, with aforethought and malice, to divert the attention of the Yugoslav, and in particular international public opinion, from the key problems of the non-implementation of Security Council decisions and the Military-Technical Agreement on Kosovo and Metohija and the upcoming KFOR, actually NATO activities, and to direct it at the Yugoslav Army, especially the Third Army.

Instead of urging the principled and just resolving of problems in Kosovo and Metohija, toward the prevention of crimes by ethnic Albanian extremists against the Serbian and other non-Albanian population, Robertson, in his familiar anti-Serb and anti-Yugoslav stand, is taking advantage of this opportunity as well maliciously to accuse the Yugoslav Army, in particular the Third Army, whose existence and survival he obviously still minds.

The members of this strategic group of the Yugoslav Army are professionally meeting their constitutional obligations and they duly respect the articles of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and the Military-Technical Agreement. They are performing their regular activities in their own country, in their own territory, and in accord with the Constitution and laws of the F.R. of Yugoslavia, which they will continue doing in future as well, entirely and in every aspect", said the statement.


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