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The Junge Welt - "Wesley Clark Mass Murderer"
March 23, 2000

Bonn, February 25 (Tanjug) - The leftwing Junge Welt newspaper of Berlin today severely criticized the pompous solemnity, which the Bundeswer (the German army) occasioned in Germany's capital last night in honour - quote - "of a mass murderer, General Wesley Clark".

"German Minister of War Rudolf Sarping could not allow himself to miss the opportunity of pompously - with drums, trumpets and torches at the Julius Leber barracks - escorting the man responsible for the planning and realisation of last year's aggression on Yugoslavia - including the bombing of bridges, hospitals and groups of refugees", emphasizes the Junge Welt in its commentary.

General Clark was Germany's guest last night on the occasion of his withdrawal (which was sooner than was anticipated) from the position of chief of the NATO in Europe, on the third of May of this year to be exact.

Before the military festivity criticized by the Junge Welt, General Clark spoke with German Councilor Gerhardt Schroeder and Chief Inspector (corresponding to Superintendent of the Headquarters) of Bundeswer, General Hans Petr von Kirhbach.

"General Clark's goal, considering the approaching anniversary of the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, is to cover the unaccomplished war goals of the NATO with the dust of oblivion and also to camouflage KFOR's permanent successlessness in Kosovo and Metohija by looking for the alleged guilty party on the other side", writes the Junge Welt.

The newspaper emphasizes that the terror and ethnic cleansing of Kosovo and Metohija date back to the arrival of the KFOR to the Serb province which is reportedly "no wonder considering that the NATO was serving under the separatist so-called KLA as its military aviation".

"Clark's latest plans of marching in and then charging, which refer to the northern part of Kosovo and Metohija fit in with the ethnic Albanian concept of an ethnically clean Kosovo and Metohija. It is also clear that few can yet be fooled by Clark's little game of terms, since he labels his anti-Serb intervention (in Kosovska Mitrovica) - multiethnic flosculas", concludes the Junge Welt.

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