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Malcolm Frazer: NATO's role in Yugoslavia can be compared to Spanish inquisition and the crusade
March 23, 2000

Sidney, March 10 - Former Australian Prime Minister and current President of the international humanitarian organization Care-Australia Malcolm Frazer said at a parliamentary meeting in Canberra that NATO was "organization of liars" daily Herald Sun reports today.

"The more I listened to NATO officials, the more I became aware that NATO was ready to lie about this war as anybody else" said Frazer comparing the role of NATO in Yugoslavia with Spanish inquisition and the Crusade which had killed millions of people in the name of Christianity.

In the most severe condemnation of involvement of western allies in the Balkans crisis up to date, Frazer said that the war of the West against Yugoslavia was "illegal and immoral".

He particularly criticized American President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, stressing that Serbian people rightfully considered both of them Hitler's incarnation, says the Australian daily.

In his sharp and inspired speech, he accused the Americans of co-operating with terrorists from so-called KLA, adding that NATO had no legal mandate to carry out attacks on FRY.

"The Americans wanted a war, which was clear after they had offered unacceptable conditions to Serbs in Rambouillet", Frazer pointed out and added that "a part of the plan was to separate Kosovo from Serbia, a condition that no Serbian leader would accept, since Kosovo is important to Serbs as Jerusalem to Jews".

Frazer said that the war had solved nothing and that members of so-called KLA, together with criminals from Albania, were dominating Kosovo.

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