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Background of the NATO aggression - personal revenge against Serbia
March 23, 2000

London, march 13th (Tanjug) - Year after the NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia the bombing proved to be, in fact, a personal revenge of certain western, first of all US, politicians against Serbia, stated the BBC team of experts.

However, the revenge, headed by the US State Secretary Madeleine Albright, turned into a fatal mistake and desperate attempt to save NATO and the western allies themselves, according to the last night's special VVS show.

As it was said last night, the terrorist KLA built a relationship with Washington and carried out terrorist actions according to western diplomats' advises and instructions.

One of the Kosmet Albanian representatives admitted that western diplomats advised them to push civilians in front rows of their attacks on the police. Western diplomats said that it was the only way to win the international public to their side, according to the Albanian. Even the KLA, as its leader Hashim Tachi confirmed, listened to the advice and deliberately sacrificed the innocent civilians.

Building of a close relationship between the West and the terrorist KLA, and NATO serving the Albanian separatist goals, as it was said in the show, was personally conducted by the US State Secretary Madeleine Albright, and the first public step in the process was made by the US ambassador to the UN and former Balkan envoy, Richard Holbrooke. He confirmed that it was in July 1998, during his visit to the village of Junik, that he met with the KLA representatives. It was then that America recognized the so-called KLA, said Holbrooke.

Later on, also by the orders of Madeleine Albright, William Walker takes charge, becoming a head of OSCE Verification Mission in Kosovo-Metohija, which was - as it was confirmed in the VVS show - first of all aimed at helping the so-called KLA to - as it was pointed out - create conditions for the following war that NATO waged in the name of Albanian separatist.

Walker headed the assistance and admitted indirectly that his "mission" was serving to Albanian separatists.

During the show, Walker was "caught in the lie". The key instrument of the US manipulation was the events in the village of Racak, conducted by Walker.

Holbrooke and NATO commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, stated that, while he was in the village, Walker phoned them and suggested a new strategy. And - as it was confirmed by VVS - on the basis of lies and misinformation. When the reporters asked Walker if he had phoned Holbrooke and Clark, he answered - no.

Madeleine Albright used the situation in the village of Racak for a "diplomatic offensive" and pressure on the European allies. However, she never fully succeeded, so a new opportunity was organized - talks in Rambouillet.

The Americans came to Rambouillet with one purpose only - to create conditions for the NATO aggression. However, everything did not go as planned, for the public had to be convinced that, unlike the Albanians, Serbia did not want the agreement.

Leader of the terrorist KLA, Hashim Tachi, who was unexpectedly appointed leader of the Albanian Kosmet delegation, refused any kind of agreement. The only thing he demanded was independence reminds VVS and adds that "the Americans had no choice", so, four days before the talks ended, Madeleine Albright personally came to "please" Tachi and build a closing conception. The Albanians officially accepted the "agreement", but the Serbs were presented with the conditions they couldn't possibly accept. Thus, NATO aggression on Yugoslavia became "Madeleine's war", and NATO commander, Gen. Wesley Clark confirmed that it was an "illegal war".

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