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A year after the NATO crime - the conscience of mankind awakened
March 23, 2000

A year ago, on March 24th, started the great open NATO crime against the people of FR Yugoslavia. The biggest military force ever attacked a small sovereign European state. In the operation called the "Noble Anvil", it dropped 23,500t of explosives out of 1,200 airplanes, killed 2,500 people, 750 of which were children, wounded 10,000 people, 2,500 of which were the youngest of the Yugoslavs.

The aggression and the execution of the civilian population were hypocritically justified by the "protection of the violated human rights of the Kosovo Albanians".

And now, as it was a year ago, it is clear that Kosovo Albanians' human rights were not violated, it is clear that there were no mass graves, it is clear that NATO went back on the basic reasons for the sole existence of the United Nations and the Security Council, it is clear that the killing was meaningless. The disastrous effectiveness of the peacekeeping forces in Kosovo-Metohija added to clearing up the conclusion that the United Nations and its organs became a mere mean for the achieving of hegemonist aspirations of the major forces, above all the US.

In spite of the unprecedented media demonization of all that is Serbian and Yugoslav, many intellectuals from all over the world, nonbiased politicians and the brave people of sane reason realized the essence, the background and the consequences of the gruesome crime of the "Noble Anvil". They have, before the anniversary of the aggression on FR Yugoslavia, in their analysis and summaries, stated many condemnations of the crime and the criminals, many grim evaluations and reprimands.

The texts you can read here are just a minor part of the awakened conscience of mankind.

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