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General Lazarevic: Chaotic situation in Kosovo-Metohija
March 26, 2000

Gen. Lazarevic: NATO continues with provoking crises
Gen. Lazarevic: NATO continues with provoking crises
Leskovac, March 25th - YA Third Army commander, major general Vladimir Lazarevic, said that the security situation in the immediate vicinity of the Third Army was rather unfavorable and complex. Kosovo-Metohija, as a part of the Third Army zone of responsibility, is in a complete chaos, because the international peacekeeping missions failed to fulfill their assumed obligations and are incapable of putting an end to Albanian terror and crimes.

KFOR and UNMIK are actually contributing to chaotic situation in the region, with an open intention to spread it outside the southern Serbian province's administrative borders, said Lazarevic.

General pointed out that an unprecedented genocide in Kosovo-Metohija, against the Serbs and other nationalities, including Albanians loyal to Serbia and Yugoslavia, continued.

"Their goal is to spread the wave to the area of Kosovska Mitrovica, where there is majority of Serbs, bravely defending themselves and fearlessly resisting. Furthermore, they want to deepen the crisis and expel the remaining non-Albanian population from these territories", said Lazarevic.

Third Army commander stressed that NATO goal was to take away "Trepca" plant from Serbia and Yugoslavia. That is the purpose of NATO drills in the area. Thus, NATO intends to spread the terrorist actions and genocide to the area of Pcinj and Jablanica. It is a well known strategy of provoking and conducting a crisis, said Lazarevic.

There is an unprecedented intelligence and subversive action within these operations and a very strong propaganda against Yugoslavia, particularly the YA Third Army territory and parts of the areas of Pcinj and Jablanica, said Lazarevic.

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