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Kosovska Mitrovica - Serbs on wanted circulars, terrorists in the police and the army
April 05, 2000

Kosovska Mitrovica, April 3rd - In the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, wanted circulars with the names of the Serbs who are, without any valid evidence, accused for, allegedly committed crimes, have appeared and by doing this the Albanians have, once again, shown that they do not care at all about reconciliation and joint life with their former neighbors the Serbs.

The list with more than 50 names of Serbs falsely accused for crimes, was posted on the coffee-house "Kosutovo", and wanted circulars with names and even photographs of the alleged Serb criminals, were plastered on the hotel "Adriatik" in the southern part of the town.

According to the information Tanjug got from Serbian sources, these photographs are montaged, because there is no documentation on Serbs in the southern part of the town. It is obvious that ethnic- Albanians working in UNMIK and KFOR have obtained records on Serbs, which international representatives have because of different contacts with these Serbs on any grounds.

Thus, one can notice alleged identity cards, driving licenses and other documents, together with counterfeit photographs and all this is presented as original. Among those alleged criminals are doctors, office-workers, members of Serbian National Forum led by Oliver Ivanovic and common citizens, among which as it can be seen, is Djusic Ljubinka, a paramilitary member, otherwise a merchant.

Among these Serb criminals are also Andrija Vukomanovic, the principal of the primary school "Sveti Sava" as well as ordinary citizens of Kosovska Mitrovica Batica Vukomanovic or Stoislav Vukomanovic.

However, what is interesting is that neither KFOR nor UNMIK, who obviously tacitly support such "peace action" do not have the least concern, because the ruling opinion is that such actions by ethnic-Albanian side are in function of Kouchner`s efforts to carry out the announced census and elections, as he himself said "no matter that the Serbs did not return" It is obvious that these wanted circulars have the aim to additionally frighten around 16.000 Serbs in northern Kosovska Mitrovica and to make them to leave their homes.

KFOR and additional 300 UNMIK officers arrived to Kosovska Mitrovica last month, as a part of Kouchner`s plan for "reconsiliation" and forming the multiethnic town, but they have not so far engaged in the arrest of ethnic-Albanian proved terrorists and now, transformed into the so-called Kosovo Protection Corps and so-called Kosovo Police.

One of those ethnic-Albanians is the head of the Albanian Republican party, Skender Hoti, whose seat is in Bosnjacka mahala district and in the micro settlement in the northern part of Mitrovica, whence all the recent terrorist actions upon Serbs and members of KFOR were coordinated.

In Hoti`s house, in Bosnjacka mahala district, during the recent search, French members of KFOR seized larger quantities of weapons - mines, munitions, rocket launcher and rifles of AK-47 type. Hoti was arrested together with a group of 40 of his fellow soldiers, but he was released as soon as the next day at the request of an Albanian judge.

In the so-called Kosovo police in Vucitrn, former policeman of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ahmet Haseni, who joined the so-called KLA, performs his regular duties. He is responsible for the act of burning down the church Samodreza, on the arrival of the international forces last year.

In the southern part of town, Bekim Shuti also lives freely. He is the former commander of "KLA", and now he is the member of so-called Kosovo Protection Corps. Shuti killed Milorad Avramovic from the village Osljane, on the arrival of the international forces to Kosmet, in June last year.

The list of criminals that KFOR and UNMIK ought to be interested in should also include Ruzdi Alija, Osman Alija, Namun Alija and Rifat Redza, who participated in the ethnic cleansing of Serbs in the village Pantina, not far from Mitrovica. Ruzdi Alija himself, way back in 1998, kidnapped Ratko and Cedomirka Mirkovic from village Pantine, and there is no trace of these people so far.

The list of criminals should also include the terrorists who participated in the ethnic cleansing of Serbs in the villages Stari trg and Prvi tunel near Mitrovica in June last year, when the international forces have already arrived. Among the most prominent terrorists, who then participated in that ethnic cleansing, were Fahri, Kadri and Ljatif Zenelji, Redzep Sumici, Musa Nimani and Ibrahim Ferati. Now they are all in the so-called Kosovo Protection Corps and Kosovo police.

Beside the wanted circulars, which stand on the walls of the coffee- houses, buildings and poles in the southern part of the town, according to which the alleged Serb criminals are wanted, ethnic-Albanians do not even respect Kouchner`s Regulation on forbidding of stirring up religious and national hatred.

Thus, every evening from 9 to 10 p.m. on Radio Mitrovica, a program in Albanian language is broadcasted, which is in fact a contact show where a guest is always some respectable Albanian citizen and the listeners also participate in the show.

The aim of such contact program is always to call a Serb and to accuse him of the alleged crimes. This live contact with listeners always comes down to publicly accuse the Serb for the alleged crime.

OSCE reacted to that type of shows several times, protesting because of the contents and the intention, but Kouchner himself did not react and warn his protégés that they are violating the Regulation on forbidding of stirring up religious and national hatred.

Similar programs in which Serbs are called out and falsely accused broadcasts Kosovo Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), which has full support of UNMIK and OSCE for its work.

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